Two, Hard West analysis

I got the chance to try Hard West 2's first hour of play, which is on account of the turn-based strategy novel. Suddenly, I caught up with the supernatural experience and realized that the team did nothing to do with the game.

I had the opportunity to try Hard West, the turn-based strategy sequel from Ice Code Games, two hours of gameplay. Thats when I first discovered what this new development team did and realized that the game had no effect on the supernatural world experience. It was a good setting for the more frantic combat. Today we sit under the threat of Hard West 2, which is going to be released on PC in the next few days. I was really excited to play this game and checked everything I had to offer.

To begin with, here is a bit of an overview of the plot. In this game you’re the leader of a group of outlaws traveling across the Wild West on mission of revenge to defeat the evil commander of the mysterious Ghost Train who is a tyrant troll of their land. This person known as Mammon tricked you to take the train and then try to take away your soul. Now you have the courage to find a Ghost Train again and get revenge on Mammon for his fraud.

The game is most intense, where you bring in a band of outlaws to the West, explore landmarks, live with settlements for side quests, heal and shop, and and even find a site where you can get all of their lives on target. When you enter combat, the gameplay becomes turn-based, which means you will have to control each character, and use the specific amount of skill points which each character will need to use to move around the battlefield, use items, and enemies are efficient in attack and exploit skills. Of course there are many ways to capitalize on murder. I find that B. the Bravado mechanic which can reset skill points after a series of kills is the correct tool. This allows you to turn down a fight, which gives the entire fight a significant speed.


Each playable character turns out to be a skill-driven one. Gin Carter, a typical Outlaw prototype, can fire a penetrating volley of bullets at enemies every other turn, with medium damage, but able to truncate multiple enemies from one another. This powerful flynn can use a spell to mix places with enemies, either to gain a vantage point or to put the enemies in the danger zone where they will take damage from their teammates.

I want to show a slew of truth that, like the movie in my preview, Hard West 2 isn’t an easy game. In the battle of the hardest difficulty, you will be able to replay more parts of the game after losing fights and, while that isn’t necessarily a problem, those who expect the turn-based strategy to become more subdued in combat is able to keep their focus moving on in the story, they will find out as the story progresses, that they were wrong. This is because of certain systems and design issues in place that make decisions much more important and impactful, especially if they relate to mission goals stating that some squads must survive or a person trying to get outside and heal was simply impossible (you should go to a doctor to restore your health which will cost you some money). All this means every move counts, because sometimes it’s a matter of time. To be more honest about fights than the other, sometimes it’s just time to turn up different fights.

I’ll say that combat doesn’t address any of the most common questions in the X-COM style, just as I managed to deal with the silly percentages that basically suggest everything is below 100% accuracy. In that sense, Hard West and the turn-based strategy is brilliant.


The world is a thing that I like most about Hard West 2. It’s not too big or too small, but it’s good that the difference between the points of interest and the little space between. One of the most interesting of all time has become useful rewards, such as weapons and equipment or cards that allow each character to better individual scores by focusing on one another or at a time, and also can be used as poker cards and other cards to earn additional benefits. All of this goes well with the customization pack, which gives the player the freedom to choose their own characters as special, and so it’s easy to do so.

Some point which I liked most about is that the game is very fast. Hard West 2 is as slow as the game, so it is too slow to play in everything below 4 speeds, and therefore maximum adjustment speed. Whenever you walk around the world that is slow and boring at an average pace, you get into combat too, especially when you get used to many enemies that take forever to escape.

I generally like hard West 2 as a whole. I firmly believe its overwhelming difficulty will turn many players off, which is a disappointment for many of its fans. Though, this will definitely help any X-COM and turn-based strategy veteran who was beaten while playing. You, the rest of you are told.