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The first remake of the series Last of Us, released in December this year, has new mechanics. We saw how a new trailer was posted on the PlayStation channel and re-imagined the efforts of several developers like Naughty Dog to discuss the upgrades that this long-awaited relaunch will bring. As soon as you can see, The Last of Us [.] is a final moment in our lives.

The remake of the first installment of the saga, The Last of Us, has revealed new mechanics. The trailer posted on PlayStation 3 was discussed in a meeting with many Naughty Dog developers in the event of the sequel.

As you can see, The Last of Us Parte 1 doesn’t just come with a new graphic section. The experience has been developed from scratch. We can find from new animations, new surroundings, and changes in the behavior of enemies. So, there are also new opportunities for access to information.

The developers have been able to put huge praise on the new AI of the NPCs. Based on the one used in The Last of Us Parte 2 have decided to reconstruct the intelligence of the characters in the remake of the first movie. For example, companions like Henry or Ellie will know when enemy is coming from behind a object in the environment as it has been known before when he was seen near it.

A completely new visual section was created.

There’s a great jump in the graph. You must not only be familiar with textures, you’ll also get involved in the design of objects, structures, and characters. We got a comparison to see the before and after-death characteristics of certain well-known characters. The difference is not just for his tone, but also for his body and skin animation.

This last improvement is not only noticeable in the cinematics, but also when playing. Now the conversations between characters won’t look stiff. They were simply models that move with voiceovers, something that was very artificial. Now, though, a lot of characters act outside cutscenes. A great addition!

We’ll also feel these improvements when we control characters. The new AI gives the actors the ability to detect your next movements, regenerating your animations to look much more natural.

Last of us Parte 1 – Destruction of the environment.

The Last Of Us is a lot stronger than the original title. The developers were using improved methods to do that.

The materials will react the way you expect. For example, if a bomb explodes behind glass, you see how it explodes into the air and spreads around you. If you don’t want to cover the column, even if an enemy shoots, you’ll see the column crumble and break.

A surge in destructible objects has also contributed and Naughty Dog ensures that this is only possible thanks to the power of the PS5.

There are other improvements that will come to the title.

There’s a new death mode for perma. That being said, if you play that way, you’ll end the game with a final punishment. In a survival game like The Last of Us Parte 1, it’s true that it is enough to thank this modality for its arrival.

It’s also a lot of improvements to the photo mode. Secondly, there will be unlockable models of the characters. This will allow you to see more detailed the design of the latter, and the effort the studio put into making them very detailed.

Of course, the dual sense controller uses haptic functions. This will create a much stronger sound in your game.

Accessibility comes to The Last of Us part 1. Naughty Dog hopes to expand its player base,and that many more people in the world enjoy experiences as interesting as this.

The Last of Us Parte 1 will be released on September 2, 2022 exclusively for PS5. It’s believed that there are currently a PC version. It’s one of Sony’s moves to bring its biggest franchises to the PC and hopefully attract them onto the PlayStation side.