Video of the violent parent, TikTokers has rethought the movie (But real fans already know this)

If you were a 90s young man, there is a good chance that you got introduced to Lindsay Lohans careers doublefold (and probably thought that she was only two people), the Disney Family Report came out around 1998. This remake of the 1961 House of Mouse film tells a story of twins who get married in the summer of []

When Disneys The Parent Trap released about 1998, there was a chance you were introduced to Lindsay Lohans career twofold (and even if you’re a 90’s kid.) This remake of the 1960 film House of Mouse tells the story of twins who travel together in summer camps. They decide to swap places to get to know their parents. The movie stars are rethinking the whole movie, but with this TikTok episode.

Meredith Blake, who could forget him? She is the blonde and beautiful other woman who adores the twins dad, Nick (played by Dennis Quaid) that is a roadblock for their grand plan to get back together their parents. Elaine Hendrix made this TikTok, and it became a very popular choice.

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Hendrix posted the video to honor the teen’s anniversary, It is almost 24 years old!It really makes people think about her role in the villains’ own fate. The TikTok uses hes a 10-but-frame trend, but in this edition, the actress is a huge drinker from the glass of wine in response to a voiceover telling the plot of the movie from Merediths perspective.

As the video says, Meredith didn’t know anything about the divorce from Nick and Elizabeths nonsensical custody arrangement. It can be confusing to the parent group as well as the parent tramp, but when everything fails, she’s really headed over for a ride. Meredith has been victim of the twins plot after unexpected meeting at the hotel. It has some serious pranks, especially after that as the group camp together. Do you remember when a lizard went into his mouth? Yep.

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As of writing this article, the video was viewed 1.7 million times. It is very easy to do for TikTok. Look at the conversation.

My daughter was innocent. #justiceformeredithblake.

I am a bit scared of Meredith Blake as an adult.

Moonbunnycakes:Realizing that Meredith Blake wasn’t the villain was a relief. She was unhappy not only because she had good time and his twins made it miserable.

Master Seagull: Meredith and my parents are really the villains of this movie, but I am honest with myself.

Meredith Blake has won fans over over these years. Maybe she isn’t the villain she was cast to be from the twins’ perspective. It’s possible if someone you’re dating is angry and they can’t see a bigger picture of their past marriage and child. Worst is when parents decide to stay separated from their siblings over all these years, even though they lived in separated lives around the world.

Hendrix isn’t the first of The Parent TrapStar to create a TikTok referring to the movieThis one has a perfect comedic timing. First off, Meredith seems to have not looked back since the whole incident. Maybe we need an alternative to the Disney movie To make it clear this is a question that is probably resolved by the beginning. The Parent Streaming is free with a Disney+ subscription if you want to watch the 90s favorites again.