Warner wants his own MCU, big changes coming?

It was expected that the success of the MCUs would attract a lot of covetousness and that DC would certainly like to inspiration it for the creation of a cinematic universe. From Hollywood reporters When a report came out, David Zaslav spoke about DC Comics' future.

The success of the MCU was highly anticipated, and it was evident that DC wanted to take inspiration from it so that they could create its own cinematic universe.

The executive, David Zaslav, spoke to Hollywood reporters During the second quarter earnings conference call he talked about the future of DC Comics. The DC Films fate has attracted huge interest recently, especially because the Batgirl series has been discontinued. This series still costs 90 million dollars.

A 10-year plan for DC is intended for DC.

Zaslav is quite clear on DC and really wants to give us a DCU in the name of movies. Plus yet, he wants to get direct inspiration from Disney’s work with Marvel. And to that effect, he was reluctant to consult with Alan Horn, director of Disneys retired cinema, (one of the fathers of the MCU).

Check out his various words:

Our goal is to produce such a large film, and if we look at the opportunities we have, DC is top of the list for us.

You see Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman: these are the names of people who are known in the whole world. We have a great opportunity to take it out. We’ve made the move. We revamped the company. We’ll focus on a team with a 10-year plan focused only on the DC Universe.

This brand is designed to be developed. Get DC characters. But our job is to protect the brand, and we’ll do it.

That structure was a very good example of the structure Alan Horn and Bob Iger built when they met Kevin Feige in Disney.

If the DC/Warner duo approve a DCU proposal, it’s all over to be seen, what’ll happen – and all the mythology that Snyder introduced in the world that fans like – he’s not so strong. To say that a man like Henry Cavill who plays a Superman is loved by everybody. Can we relax? Or, instead of in the end, a complete reboot with new actors? How good is the Batman with Pattinson? In short, many questions are still open.