What are the most used and most effective weapons this week?

The weapons market in Call of Duty Warzone is usually changing constantly. Contrary to populism, the game meta does not set impossible pillars. This is sometimes the case with a meta weapon at the top of the table because it's most traditional, but below there is a power struggle that changes every week and carries the [] power issue.

The weaponry in Call of Duty Warzone usually changes constantly. Contrary to the popular, the game meta does not set moving pillars. The meta weapons are usually fixed at the top of the table because most players are traditional but below the power struggle is made up of a changing calendar every week and slicks and styles and styles will make it an easy affair.

I talk about the condition of Warzone weapons, which are most used, kill, win less or less games and most importantly, which ones rise or down in the table. In addition, I’ll tell you about some important changes to the weapon gear.

Warzone Armament

Before starting with the figures, be aware that there have been two arms swings recently. Last week (late July) there was a general rocking that helped disadvantaged certain weapons and benefited. Some of the beneficiaries were the VLK Rogue and the.50 GS (pistol) among others.

The balance brought the forgotten Modern Warfare weapons back into the box. However, Warzone received another weapons balance by early August that introduced new changes, such as lowering (a little) three famous modern Warfare weapons, which were increased: Kilo 141, VLK Rogue y.50 GS. The snipers who were the most loved ones were the wolves, especially the famous Kar98K (Vanguard).

All these have made the tables of WZRanked, source of the information I will use for these guides, they went completely crazy, they even shaped the meta. The H4-Blixen and Marco 5 submachines were the undisputed kings until a week ago. Now assault rifles and shots have reclaimed their place in the meta. There is a little variety again, but for little.

Weapons of the most used and effective time this week (july 1:7).

All three tables changed dramatically after the last two swings. From left to right, there are tables dedicated to the pick ratio (most chosen), dbs ratio (most likely winners) and mds ratio (the ones who star the most).

main weapons

Ratio de Pick.

Let’s start with the score. As you explain on July 14th, the KG M40 was steadily rising in the ranks until it became the most used weapon this week. He has a pick ratio of 8.30, surpassing the submachine gun by one point H4. Blixen (7,21). Between third and fourth place is the Marco 5. (6.94) and NZ-41 (36.85), previously at the top of the table.

The Ratio de Pick is to be picked by people in the city.

The modern Warfare assault rifle Kilo 141 (5.84) turns into the most used weapon after the last two balances. Her numbers show she has been very chosen, but the second weapon balance has put her off and all i can tell is about her efficiency and this is reflected in the red numbers of K / D and win ratio, respectively, a.81 and 1,82.

K/D ratio:

In general the proportions in the weapon’s killing are most interested in the player’s activities. The pick ratio does show the overall community pick, but the average K/D ratio makes it better to be effective in each weapon. The H4 Blixen The weapon that kills most still is of no surprise.

The difference between K and D is just over!

This week surprise comes with the second and third of places, which areoccupied by KG M40 y VLK Rogue, two weapons that I noticed in their guides that had been going to the top of the table, and so it was. The VLK Rogue, who received a nerf during the second swing, still has some deadly weapons in Warzone this week.

The assault rifle NZ-41the submachine gun Marco 5 and the ZRG 20MM sniper so low on the chart are interesting. As a result, the beloved Kar98k (Vanguard) hasn’t even appeared. He is situated in the middle of the table. This is proof that the popular choice isn’t always the most effective option.

win rate

This score is not accurate in determining the popularity of the community, nor how much they kill. They are the weapons who give their bearers the most victories. I must clarify that this doesn’t imply they kill more or they are better. Several of these weapons are carried to a specific point of view in a particular situation.

Win Rate

I’m pleasantly surprised to see the combat shank in first position. This is an example of what I’m discussing in the present paragraph, which says that they aren’t used as the main weapon to win, but they’re very useful for the purpose of making a group pocket, for face-to-face encounters in the last circles, protect your back when you aren’t equipped.

Their shotgun VLK Rogue the submachine gun H4 Blixen and the assault rifle KG M40 are the leading weapons in victory. There are also weapons that have the highest K/D ratio and are preferred for the KG M40.

Weapons from one game, guns from different games, (Vanguard, Modern Warfare, Cold War) and weapons from a game.

The VLK rifle, the SMG H4 BBlixen, and the assault rifle KG M40 were among the weapons to show this weeks. You can build the class of weapons by using the weapon KG M40 as the main weapon and complement it with the VLK Rogue or the H4 Blixen.

I will share with you, that’s the secondary weapon with the highest pick ratio, K/D and victories. In this case, the most effective and used secondary weapons belong to the modern Warfare, to the Cold War and to the Vanguards.

Armed weapons.

Table of Contents.

  • Warzone Armament
  • A bluster of ammunition and weapons this week (1-3 July) is used most and most effective.
    • Ratio de Pick.
    • K / D ratio.
    • win rate