What’s this going to do with Ubisoft by a Chinese giant?

We start with the Xbox Game Pass, which provides families with a new offer. We then proceed with the possible assumption that a Chinese giant took over Ubisoft before finally landing with a punch. The Daily: let's go! A Chinese could purchase Ubisoft.

We start with Xbox game Pass for the month of August. We then complete an overturn of Ubisoft by a Chinese giant and finished with the first punch, the multiversus multigame. The Daily, let’s go!

A giant Chinese man could possibly buy Ubisoft.

Tencent is an elite cable giant in Asia. The company is now majority shareholder of Riot Games and 40% shareholder of Epic Games. And she apparently wants to add Ubisoft to the list, according to reports from the Reuters site. Tencent already a 5%-benchbench shareholder and wants to become the majority shareholder of a French group to strengthen its position internationally. The Chinese giant is quite determined and would’ve offered to buy the 15 % of Guillemot’s family.

You can see how you can get the Xbox Game Pass now.

Game Pass is very popular amongst gamers on Xbox and PC with its regularly updated catalogue. It’s available in two packs: a classic Pass and a more complete Pass. Xbox announced a third subscription formula, Family Game Pass, which lets five players share the same final account. All that for a pretty low price of 214,99 dollars per month. This new offer is currently being tested in Ireland and Colombia. If the results are good, Xbox could add many new subscribers.

The first strike for Multiversus the other.

The new fighting game Multiversus, a super Smash Bros. starring the Warner Universe roster, is the biggest game of the day. It has been available with open beta since July 26th, and excited players have finally come out to try it: it has been recently depreciated at more than 144,000 simultaneous connections. Multiversus matches Super Smash’s ranking system. What this impressive picture is interesting to think is, however, that the start of the competitive race was postponed. The second season and the second season of Morty were originally scheduled for August 9th, and we don’t know when the new features are coming.

Speaking of Xbox Game Pass, please.