When life comes to good use of McDonalds curry sauce, makecurry rice!

How successful is this experiment?

How successful is this experiment?

Over the course of the 30-Aug. August, McDonalds is selling two-piece packs of fatty rice noodles for a price of three hundred yen. For a limited time, the Spicy Butter Chicken Curry sauce is, like the nuggets, which is my new favourite piece of McDonald’s.

One can eat a little rice, but it’s a big and reliant sauce. After days of studying it, he decided to escape his wild food fantasies while he was still waiting for the sauce. So he whipped out one of the packs he had kept in his drawer to see if he would ever come to a world for it.

According to the calculations, every pack weighed 23,3 grams (0,83 ounces), then the sauce in, minus the weight of the container, would probably weigh 20,8 grams. In Japan, a typical retort curry pack weighs nearly 180 grams, so if he wanted to turn his hands on nine McDonalds sauces, he would have enough for a curry curry.

Unfortunately, for Ahiruneko, the sauces aren’t sold separately. A good news is that every 15-piece pack comes with three sauces of your choosing, so with his mathematics skills again, Ahiruneko bought three boxes of 15-piece nuggets.

Do it to school, kids, and that means you too will be doing weird experiments like this.

With his nine packages of Spicy Butter chicken curry sauce in front of him, Ahiruneko felt like a food scientist, and grew tired of a secret experiment that would ruin the humanity’s diet forever.

The method was easy simply empty all the sauce out on a plate.

putting it in the microwave so it can burn out.

When the curry’s hot, serve it on a plate full of rice and let it eat.

It looked like a retort curry, just without additional ingredients. Naturally, the aroma was curry-esque and when he lowered a spoon in the mouth Ahiruneko realised that he might be a genius if he came up with that idea.

But after tasting the first spoon, he changed his mind quickly.

It looked good and smelled good, but on the palate it was not too strong. The McDonald’s sauce contains tomato paste, grated garlic, butter, and a blend of spices, such as garam masala. In this manner, Ahiruneko knew it was going to be thick and spicy. However, it was about three times more thick and spicier than he anticipated.

Ahiruneko added a few nuggets to help the curry. Even if he had diluted it with water and a splash of milk, the palate became more attractive – especially if it weren’t so tasty.

The truth is that it was lost by the mouth.

Who knew you could have too much of a good thing? Ahiruneko certainly didn’t do that until he had dabbled with his wildest fantasies. Now he knows that making curry rice isn’t as easy as adding curry sauce to rice, so stick to this retort pack.

And when it comes to chicken nuggets, he doesn’t know how to mix them up with them. What tastes good with nothing in mind tastes bad with things that, according to him, is a lesson that he should have learned earlier.

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