Why are they so successful?

Mexico City, August 3, 2022. Japanese animation is nothing new in the entertainment industry. It is also surprising that recent years have taught me that even large, international brands have collaborated with anime. Why is anime so popular now? What is changed? There are various causes for this phenomenon.

Mexico, August 3, 2022 – Japanese animation is nothing new in the entertainment industry. What is new is the relevance that has gained in recent years, as well as the collaboration even large international companies have created. Why is anime popular now? What has changed? It’s attributed to different reasons.

First, anime is a cultural staple of Japanese society. But for a long time, all production was focused on the audience. In the 1980s and 1990s, animation houses wanted their works to be distributed abroad.

In the beginning of the 2000s, anime creators began to develop content that would be Western-style. One of the most significant factors is the fact that multicultural and international titles are becoming very popular and many celebrities and musicians are creating a show to see.

The streaming fan’s alliance is all over the country.

The modification in consumption of audiovisual content had a direct impact. From the time it was a year ago, 25 or 20 years ago, a trip outside an anime broadcast on television, to finding titles in other mediums was a great idea. Users needed to get used to pirate sites, plagued with virus and download pages of a difficult quality. The move of streaming goods took a turn.

There were influenced by the incorporation of legal services in official licenses, so more people were able to access a more diverse anime catalog. Only Anime Onegai by ANIMEKAa direct anime platform from Japan to Latin America launches a new series every week, such as Aria the Scarlet Ammo for August 8.

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If anything characterizes anime, it offers novel designs and ideas. The public doesn’t miss the attention to details in characters, settings, music and art. If something has made these Japanese stories cross borders, then they have challenged the prejudice that animations are not for children.

Each one of those titles is varied, so you can select the one that includes all the titles in all ages. Their demographic range is very wide and offers beyond educational projects to some serious subjects with deeper and more mature themes. It allows them to share an afternoon of anime that will entertain everybody.

Convention free.

The anime scene is unique. There are stories that don’t have villains or heroes, or only characters with all the main characters. The Japanese language is the language of the imagination whose culture is accelerated by the explosion of such industries. People liked Japanese animations because they were indifferent to ideological or political messages.

In conclusion, it’s the best time to be an anime fan. Productions of this type have stood the test of time and are only becoming more popular.

A movie is called Onegai.

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