Windows 10 and not Windows 11 will come with a lot of gamers

Steams monthly hardware survey doesn't give Windows 11 a rating. Windows 11 celebrates its one-year birthday in almost two months. Specifically, the latest operating system will be released on October 4th. We have some basic reasons to see what the successor to Windows 10 is doing.

The Steam monthly hardware survey doesn’t give Windows 11 a good rating.

Windows 11 celebrates its one-year birthday in nearly exactly two months. May 11 yea, the latest operating system, released by Microsoft, has just begun. It’s so easy to see how Windows 10 exemplifies it. The monthly Steam hardware survey has a few surprises in store. However, it isn’t necessary that you underestimate this:

Windows 11 has lost players for the first time since its release. To clarify, his share of Steam users in July 2022 was 21, 12, 12, 11, 10, 20, 12, and 11% less than in June. Windows 10, on the other hand, recorded an increase of 1,91 percentage points in the same period, and is still at a vast share of 73,17 percent. But why is Windows 11 losing players instead of winning them?

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Windows 11

Microsoft knows how to use the latest release tool.

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First of all, there is no blanket, unambiguous answer to this question. It should be noted that the Steam hardware survey relates exclusively to customers of the Valves internet distribution platform and therefore is not representative of all players.

Similarly, it is not clear how high the monthly participation in the survey is and how high it’s. Nevertheless, for the past several years it has provided us with reliable insight into the hardware and software configurations of the vast majority of gamers.

Who are the new players?

Before we look at the possible reasons for change to Windows 10, we should look at how the new players came from. A small part of 1,91 percentage points (up to 0.11 percentage points) actually might be attributable to former users of Windows 11. However, this may be within the gulf, so that no one knows how to get involved and watch each player every month.

Even though the information is fast representative, it is almost impossible to change to Windows 7/Windows 8 or even MacOS. Because MacOS lost a total of 0,71 percent of its Steam players and Linux only gained a maximum of 0,50 percent. Since Linux is only used by 1.23 percent of all Steam users, 0,05 percent of this is practically negligible.

The majority of new Windows 10 users are probably recruited from their ranks. The question, from the perspective of Windows 11, remains to be questioned. Why doesn’t the new operating system succeed in convincing more gamers?

Why is Windows 11 so unconvincing?

One reason, or possibly the most serious, is the number of problems, which many people recently encountered due to faulty updates: After update KB5015814, some users crashed into an endless restart cycle. A bug called Outlook affected Microsoft, which found that the search for a Windows update didn’t do its job right away. I had no idea that the start menu didn’t work really well.

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After Windows 11 updated, a start menu is broken.

This is how you fix the problem quickly and easily.

Both Windows and Windows 11 offer virtually no benefit (yet). It should benefit from a small range of functions – with DirectStorage technology, but in practice, there are almost no advantages, especially since no PC game is fully exploiting the storage technology yet. There’s a question if you are concerned about gameplay.

Also, Windows 11 is a hardy version. Using the context menu (right-clicks on the desktop) to access Nvidia Control Panel, you must first turn on More options.

Even though it’s fundamentally surprising a new Windows can lose users instead of an older version. In this special case, our surprise is limited.

What is your opinion? What do you think are the reasons many users still use Windows 10 and why people who switch on the new operating system are apparently avoiding it?