you receive rewards when you purchase hats that are Hooked on

We are still surprised to discover killers slasher dating sim is real. If you aren't convinced, the new cosmetics will probably motivate you to study. We can claim rewards for Dead by Daylight if we buy Steam and Hooked on You. What are your rewards? After buying the new game, [] I've chosen [a-listers] to buy this new game.

It is still surprising to discover killers slasher dating sim is real. If you’re not convinced yet, the new cosmetics could encourage you to discover. If we buy Hooked on You and Steam, we can claim rewards for Dead by Daylight.

What are the rewards?

After purchasing the new game, we can redeem the following items in the Behavior Interactive title:

  • Captivity heart (necessary universe amulet)
  • frank surfer (Special actors acting for Jake Park) surviving.

How to claim rewards for shopping For Using The Hooked by Daylight?

You have a dating dating platform already purchased on Steam (it costed 199,900 Colombian pesos) just follow these steps:

  • If they have a behavior account, they should create one through
  • Just link that account to Dead by Daylight on the platform that they play it on.
  • Hooked on You. A Dead By Daylight Dating and Steam…
  • Select the links for the account in the main menu.
  • They will be redirected to a website. Read the instructions, so that you can get a code.
  • Open Dead by Daylight in your choice.
  • In the main menu, enter the store.
  • Look for the Redeem code in the left of the menu.
  • Enter the code that the website gave you.

If everything goes well, the rewards will appear in your inventory.

How to get involved in the business.