After a long illness, the doctor and the medical nurse did what he wanted to give to the patient

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist Episode 3 and 4 show the Gyesu Clinic family that is the centre of the investigation into murder cases. Read it all!

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist is a Korean historical and medical drama that revolves around a genius physician involved in a palace conspiracy. Now exiled, he found himself in a village where he meets people who help him overcome his trauma and motivate him to move forward. The Korean drama is directed by Park Won-gook and stars Kim Min-jae, Kim Hyang-gi, Kim Sang-kyung as well as other cast members.

This twelve-part episode premiered on August 1, 2022; it releases new episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 7pm, respectively.

The summary of IMDb is that: “I would like to know this.”


The Joseon Psychiatrist Episode 3 and 4 review contains spoilers- -Hand the episodes 3 and 4 of the book Poong Ids – Contains a swarm of epoch’s psychiatrist-Autas in its most recent episode – -Jeriore The series “Made of Sins” (St.

A murder has happened and rumours of a Gumiho flying around and the terror has invaded the village. It is an afternoon in the clinic. Namhaedaek comes back and prepares everyone for a good meal. Ji Han asks Se-poong to get rid of a dead body found the previous night, which strikes Eun-woo.

The Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist episode 3 stills.

Later, Se-poong asks him to join him after discovering that she worked for the forensic department before getting married. There she confirms that the murder is not similar to the case from the previous year and that someone has tried to replicate it so as to divert attention to the officers.

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Suddenly, the commander Im Soo-man enters, while Jo Shin-woo, who represents the royal court, enters to check the case. He calls Neyeong’s father Jao Yeun-woon, because he doesn’t do good with the village. All these while Se-poong and Eun-woo are hiding behind a curtain and waiting for the group to leave.

The two get out of the office, and meet with Eun-woos brother-in-law who asks her to come back home. Shin-woo tells commander in order to find a man named Yoo Se-seop for him. Seeing the crowd outside of the clinic, Ji Han is angry at Se-poong. Se-poong told him he’s using other treatments, since he can’t perform acupuncture.

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In the night they were attacked by a girl named Yoon-hee that was caught near another dead body and people label her a yew who was the Gumiho causing the murders. Shin-woo caught Yoon-hee, but Ji Han tells him that she can’t commit the murders and she was found by her sleepwalking.

Shin-woo doesn’t believe this, but next night, Se-poong and Ji Han convince him to follow her when he again sleeps. Ji Han, in spite of his poor health, should be treated as a regular basis.

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The next day, Eun-woo has uncovered clues to the reason for the murder of Jang Goon, who grieves the death of Choi Yoon, one of the victims. He told her that Choi Yoon promised to show him the sables in the mountains after the illegal hunting of them was caught. That helps Eun-woo realize that Choi Yoon must’ve known who was behind the hunt, which is why he was murdered.

The episode 3 of Poong the Joseon psychiatrist stills.

That night, she, along with Se-poong and Ji Han, visit Yoon-hee and ask her if she remembers something. The girl in panic tell them she saw a Goblin shot a star on the ground. Eun-woo visits the place where the murder occurred and realizes that the murder weapon must’ve been an arrow which reflected the moon light. She’s also found a broken arrow on her body.

Later, Se-poong asks Jang Goon to bring the prescriptions of the people who came to Ji Han same day to Yoon-hee. After shortening the list of suspects, the conclusion ends with Eun-woo. He remembers the red apricot blossom that Yoon-hee spoke about and remembered the scar of his brother-in-laws hand, which looked like the same as Yoon-hee said.

The next day, Eun-woo gets back to her parents’ house after a series of events and is told to prepare for her dead husband’s memorial. She’s crawling into her brother’s room, to find the rest of the arrow. But her brother-in-law is caught by the fact that her arrow is hiding the real place and wants to kill there.

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Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist, Episode 3 stills.

There’s no reason to stop Se-poong, Shin-woo and others, just now, to arrest him and save Eun-woo. The officers took him in while her mother once again blames her for the clan’s downfall. Se-pong revealed that Eun-woos husband would have stomach cancer and died anyways, but her mother-in-law shattered the marriage and blamed her for her sons’ death.

Eun-woo then breaks up with her mother-in-law and leaves behind to live a new life. Even though the kings are dead, an indian curdah escapes from the royal kitchens. A dying maid tells the new King about her in the palace and he sees to it that nobody finds out about her death.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist episode 3 stills.

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Shin-woo continues his search for Se-yeob while taking a look at the surgical knife found in Se-yeob’s fathers hand. Despite the clout for se-poongs’ true identity, sailor Im reveals a secret of sailor’s true identity.

Se-yeob is shocked by this, and when commander Im tells him that he can help him back into his life without leaving after saying that he would never tolerate his punishment. The day before, Eun-woo dressed up as a baby and decided to become a doctor.

In the clinic, the women laugh at Man Bok, who is staring at his master, but she shed tears and reminiscing of the splendor of Se-poong. The clinic welcomes a peculiar young master who brought his lady with him. He asks her for treatment, but he does not let her take her pulse.

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Se-poong prescribes medicine to her and them leave, but Eun-woo notices that the lady didn’t say a word all the time. When Man Bok is hearing the treatment for hand tremors he takes, he goes to the forest and picks the herbs, but sees that same lady was taken by a manservant. He goes to help her but while working, he is attacked.

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He was arrested for the murder, but he didn’t woke up. When Se-poong gets to know about this, he then rushes to his help. Upon thinking about the body, Eun-woo concludes that murderer must have a personal grudge, so it can’t be Man Bok. Before arriving at the residence of Jang, she went to meet Si-poong and Ji Han.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist, Episode 4 stills.

There they find out that the murderer is a problem with his work. Se-poong and Eun-woo try to ask the lady. However, the young master interrupts them and refuses to tell them what they’re doing. He says that not only do female doctors touch her, but he says that she doesn’t let Se-poong take her pulse again. Master Jang sees him questioning the woman, and sends out three of them.

A stubborn man, Eun-woo tells Sapoong that she must give her medical knowledge to check her pulse, as it might be the only way to save the man Bok. The two go to the dark, while commander Im is trying to execute man Bok as soon as possible, so he can close the case. This was the request of Jang’s master.

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Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist Episode 4 stills.

Shin-woo gives three days to prove Man Boks innocence, otherwise he is going to be executed. Then everyone prepares man-made pies. Ji Han and Ib Bun take the food to him but witness commander Im verbally abusing him. Ji Han comes to help fight her off but commander Im takes over her past, thereby preventing her speech.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist Episode 4 Ending.

There are some Se-poong and Eun-woo-singing at the Jang apartment and hear a young master threaten a lady. They then enter the manservants room for proof and almost get caught by a young master. They find the manservants’ identification plaque.

Poong the Psychiatrist episode 4 stills.

On the other hand, Eun-woo goes to Shin-woo and asks the hurried decision that is being made. She demands that the execution be pushed back, but this is not to benefit her. Then two of them run into Jang and get around the office. Two then take her to the servants grave and she remembers she may be the cause of his death.

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The Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist episode 4 stills.

He comes, but before he can speak, and the young girl is taking her away. After the death of anyone, the doctor again goes through the case and realizes that the truth of the murder wasn’t known to anybody but the young master. He resisted but he escaped his mother.

The search begins and they soon know that they were gone and left for the harbour. Eun-woo and Se-poong ask Shin-woo to return the time for the execution that he agreed upon immediately after which the two was delivered to the court. Will they be able to get the lady back on time?

Episode Three of the Joseon Psychiatrist: The Poong review.

This show shows some really interesting things that don’t correspond to the historical time. Superstitious, patriarchy, gender rules etc. These episodes were very entertaining and are trying to show the kinds of people that have existed beyond their time.

The show is really an entertainer, and I’m a huge waiter for the next episode.

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