Atrocity against the Titan: Characters of all kinds: Height, Ages, Birthdays, etc

Hajime Isayamas Attack on Titan is a global hit, and it is one of the modern anime series that (re)disrefused the genre, and became popular around the world. The tale of the horror, the great fights and the whole story's intended purpose make Attack on Titan a little unsettling. This story followsEren's story. The main character of Titan is the Countless Characters: Ages, & Birthdays. Read More.

Hajime Isayamas Attack on Titan is a worldwide hit and a modern anime series that was re-defining the genre and becoming more popular around the world. The dystopian setting, the great battles and the whole story story are all real but modern. This article is about the amazing characters of the series.

We’re going to write a list of the most important attacks on Titan characters and their heights, age and age. Before we identify each of the characters in each, here is a quick overview.

/ 177cm17Disorder 20thLate – 155cm15May 25thMalays / 100cm20March 30thMiasa Ackerman57 / 1000cm15November 11thMandsa Ackerman (Muktsia Ackerman), 18thLoned Deer / 168cm30-33July 18thMasth August 18thMadonna Deer / 187cm16

Eren Yeager

Age: 15 years old March 30:57 / 170 cm.

He is the main protagonist of the plot. He is a brave young woman that has become obsessed with what he has imagined. Eren possesses the power of the Warhammer Titan, both acquired from his father and the power of the warhammer Titan.

At first glance, he has no special talent except his ability to defend himself. By being competent in hand-to-hand battle and able to achieve a fair will, he earned a fifth place in the promotion of the 104th Training Corps and later joined the Survey Corps. Since the war in the Trost, Eren discovers that he has the power to become a titan, and decided to take advantage of to fight them. After returning to Shiganshina, he learns about his and his titans powers through the documents left by his father in his house. Until four years later, he decides to invade Marley and be determined to defend his true enemies.

Mikasa Ackerman

Age: 15 January 2019: March 20April 2019: 5°F.

She is a young woman of Asian origin, the penultimate survivor of the Ackerman clan, and of the descendants of Levi and Kenny Ackerman. As a child, Erens family saved her and adopted her. She promised to protect her, regardless of the situation. Mikasa is considered an extraordinarily talented person. Though she’s always always nice, especially when the storm brings in the wind.

After the fall of Shiganshina, she decided to join the army with Eren and Armin announcing her first career as a training corps member and became a recruit to the task force. The manga has been gaining more information about her origins and her clan. She is the protagonist of the light novel Lost Girls.

Armin Arlert

The age of fifteen is October 3.Height: 54 / 163cm.

He was born and raised in Shiganshina and friend of Eren and Mikasa, who always protect him against bullies due to his shyness and physical weakness, graduated from the 104th Training Corps and joined the Survey Corps. His fitness doesn’t stand out but easily surpasses his abilities with his fantastic intelligence and cunning ability.

During the battle to recapture Shinganshina, he uses a strategy that tries to defeat the Colossus Titan. Even though Armin was at the right time, he was given a special injection that allowed him to become a titan and devour Bertolt Hoover, so he possessed his powers. Four years later he participated in a brutal attack on Marley, which destroys entire army with the same power as the monsters.

Levi Ackerman

Age: 30-33thDAY: December 25Height: 53/160cm

Since he is a captain of the War Corps, he is considered the greatest soldier in the humanity owing to his awesome ability to kill titans. He’s a stoic person, although he is sometimes bad moods – and and has a strong obsession with cleanliness, so his partner, Lucero, does he love him with love, and trusts it all as a relationship between Levi and Erwin.

Before joining the U.S. Army, he was a notorious delinquent in the underground city. Her exact age is unknown, but the author claimed that she is at around 30. Later he discovers that he’s a swath of the Ackerman clan, as well as Mikasa. The group whose memories were not erased by the prince Fritz had departed, and they were persecuted to death and declared the result of the titan science.

Erwin Smith

I’m 35 years old and I am now 28th of October – 22nd of January, 14th, 24th and 16th of October, 1850.

He was 13th major of the Survey Corps. He is intelligent, well-here, and a widely respected leader. While he takes deeply into his subordinates, he doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice them for their good and prosper, and their subordinates have proved more willing to obey him at risk of their lives. He loses his right arm in Eren and Yamir’s rescue mission.

The short-range enemy detection formation had developed, so in response to uncertainty about its future he decided to replace the Squad Leader Hange. When the death of his father occurred, the age of Erwin Smith was never officially revealed. His father died almost in the school year. Erwin is the surveyor by the year 850, presumably a few years older than Levi. Hence, he should be in the 1930s.

Reiner Braun

She has 7 years old. August 1 (61 – 185 cm) She has 6 months old.

In preparation for becoming a soldier, he is known to Eren and the others, who are of different nationality and from the other countries. He is a rough but passionate child. He has a great charisma and is a very easy friend for Eren who makes a friendship the same kind of brother as that. He graduated second in the Class of 104th Training Corps and joined the Survey Corps.

Later, it is discovered that he had the ability to transform into the Armored Titan, and he was responsible for killing Shiganshina and gaining Erens hatred. After defeating in the ensuing battle, he returned to his homeland. Although he initially appeared as the main antagonist of the manga, his role is different from four years later when he wished to stop his cousin Gabi from inheriting his powers and aspire to protect his teammates against Eren.

Bertholdt Hoover

May 16th-December 31-32 Age: 44 / 198cm Age: 63.

Bertholdt Hoover is the new recruit of the 104th Training Corps and ranks third in front of Reiner and Mikasa. His real identity is the Titan of the Colossus and he is responsible for the octopus of the Murale. After the events of Stohess he kidnaps Eren and Ymir, and his accomplice, to bring them to the homeland. But with a denial of sadness that he was ensnapped by a lie about Annie’s condition, he fail.

Armin uses Berthold’s feelings towards the girl to break Eren. The former attempt was to convince the Beast Titan to save Annie, but later, as Reiner is defeated, he tried to get it. Tall in style and with black hair, Berthold’s feelings are more important to his feelings than a lot of sympathy.

He is resentful for his strength in the hope of achieving the same end of his career. His insecurity and shyness are subsequently replaced by a strong desire for a better and clearer understanding of his strength, thus he will defeat Eren in the dark, and be caught when he falls into the trap set by Armin and Eren. By now defeated, he will be fed to Armin, who was injected with the transformation serum and then became a new Colossus Titan: before he dies, he desperately yells at his former companions in order to protect him.

Zeke Yeager

Age: 25Monday: August 1.Height: 60 / 183cm.

Zeke Yeager is one of the leaders of the people living outside the walls; he was defined by Reiner and Berthold as the war’s commander. He looks like a man of thirty an hour. He has long hair, thick beard, round glasses, and scars on his left arm. He is a person who possesses a large hand – and he is born. To be a Beast Titan, whose legs and thick hair cover the whole body; he’s a huge monkey; he is also able to become a Titan – more specifically, the Beast Titan, 17 m tall, with long arms and thick hair, he’s a large boy, and so on the he might become a powerful titan, could even become a Titan himself, but in the

Hange Zoe

Age: 29-31 (information based on a range of players and theories)Western: September 5Height: 57/70cm

Hange appeared as a member of a group called to watch Eren Yaeger before the military trial. She is present with the rest of the Survey Corps during the interrogation, where Levi brutally beat Eren in front of everybody. After that young man was accepted into the legislature, the director of Hange investigated Erens’ ability to become a titan.

The survey gaining the technological advances made by the military police a weapon called lightning lance, which is effective against the Armored Titan. On the mission to retrieve Wall Maria, he suffered from a broken heart from the colossal Titans explosion, but fought against the battleship and became commander by then, after Erwin died on the mission.

She also lost her left eye during a fight and has been wearing an eyepatch since. Four years later, she goes to Marley and the Survey Corps to arrest Eren after an attack on the country. When Eren decides to implement his plan, Hange understood that it was necessary to protect Paradis Island, although she questioned the wish of humans to prevent genocide outside the walls.

She allows him to launch his plans, but is then decide to stop it with the rest of the legion. After that, he sacrificed himself to spend his own money so he can get rid of the seaplane and escape. After she became the 15th commander of the Survey Corps, she single-handedly fought many Colossal Titans, burning to death after a gas tank exploded from the titans heat. She wakes up and is reunited with Erwin and the rest of the fallen soldiers.

Historia Reiss

15 years old, Janvier 15, 40 years old, 30 o’clock, 50 o’clock, 21 o’clock, 30 minutes, 22 o’clock.

The first part of the story, named by Christa Lens, is a recruit for the 104th Training Corps, and ranks tenth to the end of training. Although Christa’s long hair is full and gentle, she’s now visible, while presumably she can only see the truth about her life, but later discovered that in reality, Christa is just a mask that was worn by Historia to hide her soul as selfishness, without making sacrifice for others, to be well and good.

Rod Reiss was a dissatisfaction, an exponent of the real royal family, and a maid who was on the family’s service, so she wouldn’t become, since she was expelled from the Reiss family and now she was confined to a farm isolated from the rest of the world and has a son and grandparents.

Her inferiority complexes stem from one’s father’s neglect and one’s failure to tell her mother about her, except to say that she should never have been born, and therefore, her brother has a deep bond between she and Ymir and the secretly visiting her. When Eren first uses the coordinate against Reiner and Berthold, Ymir decides to help them, but eventually apologizing to Christa before they take part ways.

After that, Christa admits she felt betrayed and never fully knew Ymir, deciding to abandon her old name and become Historia Reiss herself, not wanting more weight to what would’ve happened to Ymir. Eventually, after the election of Erwins, she will be crowned queen of the wall, as long as the government doesn’t continue to control the army.

Annie Leonhart

Age: 16 March 22Height: 50 / 153cm

As he is serviously cold and unconscious, Annie seems to be very mature and philosophical, though he doesn’t show it. She comes from Marley as well as Reiner and Bertolt. She graduated fourth in the 104th Training Corps, and joined the Military Police, the only one in her class who can do so. She can transform to a Female Titan, with which she will try to capture Eren, although she just causes a slaughter on the surveyers.

After the last fight she had with Eren, she crystallized her body with a material practically indestructible so she wouldn’t be captured. Four years later, she remains crystallized and occasionally visited by Armin. Annie plays into the light story Lost Girls, which delves deeper into her past.

Jean Kirschtein

Age: 15. (This is an approximation of a character who belongs to the 104th Training Corps)Birthday: April 7Height: 59 / 175cm

Jean Kirschtein is a recruit of the 104th Training Corps and ranks sixth after training as a soldier. He is a light brown hair and a pale skin, like Eren and impulsively aggressive, and possesses strong tendencies in command as demonstrated by Marco in Trost.

His feelings are awous and often clash with Eren during training because of differences between his ideologies and intentions. The former want to join the Gendarmerie Corps and live in the gate, while the latter wants to join the Survey Corps and fight against the Titans. After learning of Marcos death, Jean turns his mind changed and joins the former military force because of his affection for his friend, eventually becoming active member of Eren various rescues and Erwins organized coup against the crown.

Connie Springer

Age: 15 (the approximation is based on the character being part of the 104th Training Corps)Birthday: May 2Height: 52/158cm

Connie Springer is an official of the 104th Training Corps and ranks eighth at the end of the training. He is native of the village of Ragako, his attitude is hard and shaved hair is soft, and his intelligent attitude makes him extremely aware of his fellow soldier Sasha, whom he considers himself a twin. Connie decided to join the Research Force because of Erens speech, but he also planned to join the Gendarmerie Corps to make his family proud.

After the attack of the Beast Titan, she finds out that her villagers were transformed into titans and vowed to take revenge. Later it is discovered that Zeke Jeager has transformed Ragako’s inhabitants into pure Titans with his gas weapon, containing his spinal fluid, so that he can paralyze the Eldians and transform them into Titans thanks to his screams.


Age: 17-19thday: 17thFebruaryHeight: 58/172cm

Ymir is a recruit of the 104th training corps. She has dark brown hair and freckles, and always claims to be selfish and unremarkable, yet denies it when she demonstrates her care for Historia for disinterested reasons. She doesn’t know much about her past, but says she already wishes she hadn’t been born, while the Titan she met by Ilse Langnar refers to her as the Venerable Ymir.

He took a gamble to become a Titan, a skill she acquired without her remembering after eating Marcel, a childhood friend of Reiner and Berthold: it turns out her Titans name is Jaw Titan. Later in the story, it is revealed that Ymir was an orphan, adopted and later passed away by a secret sect that redeemed the Eldian ancestor and ascended to be called herself: after the Marleyan police discovered that they were gone, who and the members of the sect remained converted for their lives into pure Titans.

Ymir remained in that state for 60 years, until she became human when she had devoured Marcel and acquired his memories and powers. As a teenager, Ymir became a Titan and spent 60 years in that shape. She retreated to life in the year 845, so that she should be in her late teens until the year 850.

Sasha Braus

Ages: 15. It is an approximation of character being used by the 104th training corps.

Sasha Blouse was the recruit of the 104th Training Corps, and is ranked 9th at the end of the training. He has a good agility and has an almost animalistic instinct, grew up on his own, living as a hunter in the forest with her family, so much in that she is very good at pointing and reverberating things in the original Japanese language, and also, sadly, hides her true accent.

As a sniper after the last three years of Shiganshina, she is participating in a shooting raid against Marley, four years later, and killing two guards of the Marley natives who are from Gabi’s borders, and then captures the latter. She and Connie place light signals on the rooftops to bring Zoes stolen airship to the ground up and then lead them to the fight against Zekes.

During the retreat, she and her friends celebrate the mission but sadly she’s killed by a shotgun from Gabi, who sneaked into the aircraft. When he returned to the island, the funeral is for Sasha, where she served as a cook and scolded servant of the Survey Corps and was the heir of her grandfather.

Marco Bodt

Age: 15 (this is an approximation by way of the character in the 104th Training Corps)Friday: June 16Height: 510 / 178cm

Marco Bodt is the 104th training recruit and ranks seventh at the end of the training. In his long, dark hair and freckles, he’s a very optimistic and idealistic person. He enlisted to join the Gendarmerie Corps faithfully serving the king. He was discovered dead by Jean a few days after the end of Trost’s battle, and when the cause of his death has long remained a mystery, now the truth emerged that his fellow soldiers had to overheard their true nature and called for Annie to take his weapons, leaving him infuriated for the Titans, leaving him to death.

Floch Forster

Age: 15 (this approximation is based on the character being part of the 104th Training Corps)Birthday: October 8Height: 509 / 175cm

Floch was an ex-recruit member of the Survey Corps before the Shiganshina District battle. He joined the Squad Leader Klaus’s role. The battle of Wall Maria was conceived of by Major Hange and the tactical squad. After learning about the world, Floch discontented the Marley Empire. He was the leader of the oppressive. He minded that Eren is the only one who saved Ymir’s people.


Age: 13-16: April 25,April 25, April 21, 2063 – 1850, 50 / 1570 cm.

Louise, a Yeagerist, was inspired by Mikasa to join the army when he was rescued by its troops during the Titan invasion. Louise was part of a group that leaked information to the public about Erens. For this purpose, she was incarcerated but escaped from prison along with Floch and other imprisoned Yeagerists.

In spite of this, Louise continued to help the Yeagers, believing that to save the whole human population, you must have someone stronger than Eren Yeager. Louise is a young girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. Louise seems to have a cold and serious personality as a teenager, with Mikasa with a huge obsession.

After the abysmal battle against the Titans, Louise spit out with a piece of lightning spear with her body, so it seemed impossible to remove from the building after the killing of the Titans. The poor girls’ fate remains unknown. She confirmed to Mikasa in her last moments where she was seen in the series, that she didn’t regret that she was happy to dedicate her heart to her nation until the end.


Age: 15 (this is a coin that is approximation from the character being part of the 104th Training Corps)Friday: September 22Height: 509 / 175cm

The young recruit, Daz, was former member of the 104th Training Corps who worked in the War of Trost District and then joined the pro-Yeagerist groups of the series. He is a secondary character in the story.

Samuel Linke-Jackson

Age: 15 (this is an approximation based on the character being assigned to the 104th Training Corps)Friday: December 2030Hiat: 511 / 180 cm, 8th and 9th century ;)The age of 20 (when the number of sevens yen is an axilla at the center of the training arm)Has: 183 / 172 yen (when the grade of the skill is assigned to the 104th Training Corps),Friday: December

Samuel was a former member of the 104th Training Corps who joined the pro-Yeagerist faction. He has many similarities to Daz, and is a second to none character.

Petra Rall

Age: N-Birth Day: December 6Height: 502 / 158cm

Petra Ral is an Officer and the Army personnel. She has quite a bit of stature and has dark skin. She’s particularly passionate about her friends; she encourages her indifferents and compliments him in every face of the matter. One boy says Petra killed five Titans and collaborated in the killing of 48 others.

Sometimes she mumbles with Oruo because she imitates, in a bad way, Captain Levi, which I admire and respect, to whom Petra has long admired, testified to be true when it was because he wanted to be close to him and, as she felt like being beside herself with joy when Levi recognized his ability.

She died in the attack of Annie called the female Titan, which crushes her against a tree. When the Survey Corps folds in the city, her father attempts to explain to him his daughter, who then writes a letter of her, that his daughter loved him, leaving the young officer more devastated.

Dot Pyxis

Age: November 13, 2015, July 3, 2015: 511 / 180cm

Dot Pyxis is the supreme commander of the Garrison Regiment and is responsible for the southern sector of the Wall Rose. He has a brilliant and analytical strategic mind. It is a determination, decisive commander, although he prefers to fall beyond expectations of strength and rigor of military law.

He gets into a sane place of the etiology. So he gives a heartbeat for women, so he is jokingly hoping that the Titan who ate it will be feminine. During the Battle of Trost, instead of punishing those who deserted to protect their families from the Titans, he urges them to continue fighting, since, should the wall rose break through, the humanity would leave, due to the civil conflict and resources shortage.

In the end, Pyxis will adhere to the coup devised by Erwin Smith that will win the crown. So the second in command of the military government, then took over by Darius Zackly.

Kenny Ackerman

Age: 40-45 (We know that the Lord ages 829 saw Kenny as a young man and a serial killer, so we can guess he was around 20 at that time)Today: February 4Height: 63 / 190cm2:

He was the uncle of Levi Ackerman and had a crush on his mother during his childhood. He was a member of the Central Police and a leader of the Anti-Human Repression Squad. In the past he was a notorious assassin who killed more than a hundred members of the military police, becoming known as Kenny the Ripper.

When he pretended to be right-handman Rod Reiss, he was a real goal, namely to kill Eren and obtain his powers. Kenny died from severe injuries while escaping from the reiss chapel. At the time, she confessed to Levi that she’s an uncle on his mothers side and gave him the serum that he stole from Rod.


Age: January 21Hat: 63 / 190cm.

Yelena is the leader of the anti-Marley Volunteers and close to the Eldians of Paradise. She’s a zeke Yeagers right arm, faithful follower of her orders, that she does with fanaticism and ruthlessness towards anyone. She first arrives during the tyburs lecture in the Liberio ghetto on Willy Tyburs, where she pushed out the mains and pushed the Pieck and Porco away from the man’s hands, putting them into a trap formed by a twisted and circular pit where the two Marleyan Warriors fall from a trap door, and by Yelena. After the ghetto destruction of Eren and Armin gave the genoise to the landowner, she escaped with them with her aboard the airship, bringing back to Paradis.

Gabi Braun

Age: 12 (first introduced in the year 854)Hinterday: April 14Height: 46/138cm / 8th Floor.

Gabi is an accomplished Eldian warrior living in the liberio Internment Zone, as well as his cousin Reiners. She has the best chance of becoming the next Armored Titan.

Porco Galliard

Age: N/A (who was first introduced in the Year 854)Friday: November 11th-28thHeight: 58 / 175cm.

Porco is an Eldorian warrior in the service of the Marley Empire and his younger brother Marcel. He was the chairman of the Jaw Titan that would have received from Ymir, as she had been himself in the form of an application for him.

Pieck Finger

Age: S-A (first introduced in the Year 854)Thursday: August 5Handy: 51 / 155 cm.

Pieck Finger is a member of the Eldian Warrior Unit and now has the Cart Titan. She’s a long black, cheerful and sometimes ironic girl with an analytical mind that fits into extreme situations. She can do a lot of things when it demands it. She was the one who was involved in the Shingashinas battle against the Research Corps in his Titanform as her superior, Zeke, flew back from the clutches of Levi, who captured and seriously injured him. She then battles the Middle Eastern Alliance as a real tank, strafing the enemy trenches with machine guns placed on her back.

Colt Grice

Age: 1 2 (first in the Year 844),Monday: August 12Height: 511 170cm,Monday: 11 July 12—Challenge: 18 cm,Monday: 6:19,2010)Sind: 8:201800,Monday: 14:30Nov.

Colt is an aspiring Eldian warrior who ‘works for the Marley Empire’ as well as Falcos a younger brother. He’s going to become the next Beast Titan.

Falco Grice

Age: 443 oc (first introduced in the year 854)Friday: 12 February 2016Financial Days: 8:50 oct.

Falco is an aspiring Eldian warrior serving for the Marley Empire and has his younger brother, Colt. He became the jawpin by Zeke, and he became the Titan. The latter’s a bird and can fly by its own means.

Ymir Fritz

Age: SN-Kam: SN-Kam: SN-Kam: S-Kam: S-Kam: SN-Kam: N-Kan: S-Kram.

Mary Ymir was the first Eldian to get the power of the Titans. He was the slave of Emperor Fritz who abused his power as the founder of a fortune, and so resuscitated the kingdom of Eldia to bring prosperity in the world and finally devastate all other nations, including the Marley Empire. The girls, Maria, Rose and Sina, died about thirteen years after she gave her power to the Emperor and her corpse was cannibalized by their daughters, Maria, Rose and Jolly.

His power scinded and spawned the Nine Titans. Upon death, Queen Ymir was transferred to the Axis, where she hid the Titans bodies from clay soil and obeyed her royal family descendants if they were holding the Founding Titan.