Brutal, an open-source game announced on the Xbox Pass

We are already seeing more out about other games coming to Xbox Game Pass next month. Yesterday I told you one and now its time to confirm another; the game will arrive on Xbox and then in September. You have a 20% discount.

We have already started to see more from other games coming up for Xbox Game Pass next month. Yesterday I told you one and now it’s time to confirm another, this game will land on Xbox and will also be on Xbox Game Pass next September 27.

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In the Xbox Pass, a new game will be announced.

You must reach your opponents in an unforgiving 2D multi-linear world. Fighting against the relentless darkness that seeks to elude you. All murders are a lesson learned in Moonscars, and as you overcome the challenging, new truths will be revealed.

  • Lunar Scars September 27 on Xbox Game Pass.