Henry Cavill and John Wick are collaborating on a new film

Henry Cavill (The Witcher) and director John Wick are collaborating on a new film. Published on 08/10/2022 at 18:39 Henry Cavill, the actor you already watched in Batman v Superman or in The Witcher's Netflix series, is coming back and will again cross swords. A new remake of the game Whether you are for the title.

The news culture, Henry Cavill and director John Wick are collaborating on a new film.

Published on 10/2022 at the 18:39 mark on October 20th, 2018 at 10.

Henry Cavill, you’ve already seen Batman v Superman or the Netflix series The Witcher, will come back to the box again.

The new book is the remake.

No matter whether you are for or against remakes, movies love them too. So you can find out the proof today that, as well as John Wick: Chapter 4, Chad Stahelski will working on an all-new feature film today. This latter is not a complete remake of the first Highlander. For the youngest child, Highlander is a movie from the 1980s that stars Tom Lambert as a protagonist. He plays the Scottish warrior, Connor MacLeod, who was almost immortal in the 16th century in Scotland.

If a title didn’t have so much information when it launched, in the past, it became a film for the sci-fi, and yet this despite the introduction of new sequels is disappointing to say the least.

A remarkable cast was found in the world.

This remake of the Highlander remake was announced over a year ago, but now that the project is moving, it’s coming to an end. That the director who is busy with his favorite saga was not even ready to implement this idea and that the parties are having a common ground.

We’re just fine-tuning it. We think we know what we’re wanting. () We have shifted, so it looks a good idea. Chad Stahelski, Director of the organization.

To replace Christopher Lambert as the Highlander, Chad Stahelski was surrounded with a leading guy. In fact, Henry Cavill is the one who will take an emblematic role.

I discussed the project with Henry, and he’s all about it. We’re on the same wavelength and he understands what I want to do with this character. Chad Stahelski

The director says that he is made for this role as well. He is very muscular, but he is very attached to his figure. You can then bring him something special.

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