Rainwater is Now not safe to drink in every part of the Earth

Welp, Earth, we had a good run. According to a study conducted by the University of Stockholm, there is no place on that line.

Welp, Earth, we’ve had a good run. According to the hemsbad university, there’s no place left where rainwater is safe to drink.

Because of man-made chemicals known as “Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl” substances (PFAS), water from the sky can no longer drink. Antarctica was the most beautiful place with clean rainwater, but researchers have discovered that these endless chemicals have infiltrated there, too.

What chemical does anyone call a Forever Chemical?

Forever chemicals that aren’t natural can be produced by different types of household items like cosmetics, non-stick cookware, stain repellents, and electronics. These compounds are linked to fertility problems and have seen a rise in the risk of childhood cancer and developmental problems.

While such chemicals are plentiful, the United States has experienced a sharp decline in drinking water consumption since the study started.

According to Ian Cousins, professor of Environmental Science at Stockholm University, guideline values for PFAS have dropped over last 20 years.

He continued on to the latest US guidelines on PFOA in drinking water. In contrast, rainwater everywhere could be regarded unsafe to drink, he continued. Even though we are often confused about drinking rainwater in industrial terms, many people around the world are expecting that it should be safe to drink and it supplies many of our drinking water sources.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), PFAS in soil, water or air can be absorbed by plants and animals, thus preventing contaminating food. However, the FDA testing a large variety of foods from the general food source collected for the Total Diet Study (TDS) has found that nearly only one out of ten samples with detectable PFAS have detectable levels and those that do have low levels.

Since this probably seems to be good news for the developed world, many countries in the world don’t have access to the same type of water filter system. Fish, as you expect, is better than fish.

In 2022 we conducted a targeted seafood survey, and in the limited samples tested we found several types of PFAS and higher levels according to the latest FDA study – that is a survey he states. We work to prevent PFAS from being introduced in seafood, but also in foods in general, to reduce the risk of a dietary substance that poses serious health risks and to ensure the continued safety of the American food supply.

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