Sonic collaboration event with Fall Support Group

SEGA informs the fall guys con sonic, an event that will be held until Monday August 15. The fall will kick out 30 years of sonic hedgehogs and introduce new level and Sonic-themed costumes. Will Sonic sprint []

SEGA informs you of the second most important special event which will be held on Thursday, November 11, and it will last until Monday, August 15 onward. To celebrate 30 years of sonic and sonic life, fall men are incorporating new levels of Sonic-themed costumes. Are Sonic going to do the course or is Knuckles coming? Whatever you choose, it’s true that you’ll have fun in this new space.

The new levelBean Hill area calls for the Quick Beans to collect as many rings as possible for different rewards, as well as:

  • There is a 200 points mark in the Bean Hill area.
  • 100 centimeters.
  • The bonus rings are sifting.
  • 400 Kudos 800 Points.
  • Sonic Slippers 1000 points.

What would happen in the fall without new clothes? Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Super Sonic and even the deliciously diabolical Dr. Robotnik, can be found in the store during the event. Using the new Sonic Foot Tap emote, they brought them to life dramatically.

I’ve traveled to worlds you never think I had been able to achieve, and end up with enemies that elude all mysticism. I quickly sighed at each battle, and they would have to return. The villain will always wait and the adventure will come.

I like that: “I am like your daughter.”

I like raising money.