Stay on board: The Leo Baker Story Review: Dilemma of identity in sports..

Stay on board: The Leo Baker Story is a biographical documentary on Netflix. The film follows the transition from the skateboard icon to the hooded identity of the artist.

Stay on the Board: The Leo Baker Story is a biographical film that Netflix released on the 11 August 2022. From Pulse Films, a division of the VICE Media Group and Flower Films, comes a raw and immersive film that follows the competitive skateboarding icon Leo Baker ahead of the 2020 Olympics.

This film runs on a run time of almost thirteen minutes. In an interview with Alex Schmider (Changing the Game, Disclosure, Framing Agnes), directed by Nicola Marsh and Giovanni Reda, he follows the skateboarding athlete since the beginning of the past few years and is now running.

Netflix has a movie synopsis:

Leo Baker is the celebrated skater who shares his achievements and the differences that he had with his career and self-discovery as a trans man.

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Take a look at it’s journey that takes a gender-based approach to sports, transition, society and skate culture, so as to make it the most punk thing that could ever happen. As he faces the dramatic, increasingly challenging situation and the unchanging disconnect between his world and the world, the urge to stay on track or be true to himself becomes a life-defining turning point.

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The film starts with an old picture of Lacey Baker, which is Leos birth name, where he is a teenager competing in a variety of skateboarding contests or hanging out with other skaters in the park. And like many of us, Leo can’t look at this clip of his youth because they are not cringing, but because they don’t think they agree.

We know Leo is trans and only called so within close group of friends. During the skating world, he is known for being Lacey Baker, a skater. The film is shot in 2019 and at that time he didn’t talk about his identity and went along with what was already imposed for years.

Now it’s starting to feel like he’s living a split life and afraid of coming out because he thought his career would be over. Even though skateboarding has been introduced to the Olympics for the first time, and Leo was selected for the women’s team, come out might hamper everything. A lot of money and knowledge are needed.

As the competition for the Olympics 2020 intensifies, despite how he is seen professionally and aimed at being a trans-nonbinary person becomes unreal for him. We learn to understand how difficult his childhood was for drug addict parents, and now that he was in a foster care, he began skating all the time.

It helped his family financially, in the early years when they returned to the mother of Donna and began to compete in professional competitions. But (s)he was mostly a poster girl with long hair and a very good boarding routine. As soon as Lacey became more like Leo, sponsorships dropped, as they wanted a special image for their brands.

As soon as you can understand the anxiety and the depression, Leo has to go through, which eventually led him to quit the Olympics and focus on what he thinks is his true self. And with the pandemic, he took the time to embrace his own self-respect and become confident about what they are.

How about if you continue to follow your mind: The story of the Leo Baker story?

The Netflix documentary certainly is an interesting story, and Leo recognizes how important it is to share his story of embracing and persevering and to create a life for yourself. It could definitely help many other people. The film also features some of the best-known skateboarders like Tony Hawk.

If you wait for the final minute and watch the credits roll, you will hear a sweet melodious song, written by Leo Baker himself. That song is called Hold Me Till Were Home and its just a really good musical note to go on.

Stay on board: The Leo Baker story has been streaming on Netflix.

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