The World of Warships: Legends anniversary: win the Xbox Series X console, and more!

World of Warships: Legends celebrate their birthdays and they have a nice gift for you. Featuring an Xbox X console, the exclusive World of Warships: Legends hammocks, and more! Wargaming celebrates three years of World of Warships: Legends with you, the XboxDynasty community, giving up one of the most popular Xbox series-X consoles. Second and troisième place []

World of Warships: Legends celebrate their birthday and you get your gifts. With an Xbox One console and a deluxe World of Warships teeming, and more!

Wargaming celebrates 3 years in which World of Warcrafts: Legends are shared with you, the XboxDynasty community, by giving one console to all of its members.

Second and third place receives an exclusive World of Warships: Legends hammock (a few photographs will be seen a long time away), and all XboxDynasty readers who wish to dive into World of Warships: Legends for the first time can use an exclusive invite code to unlock multiple content.

Three years of World of Warships: Legends of World War Is Lost!

The year 2012 marks the third anniversary of the release of World of Warcraft: Legends. To celebrate all the holidays.

That captain receives an anniversary gift, can participate in a special web event, earn a substantial increase for the first win and the last year return Arpeggio by Blue Steel is also on the program: an Ars Nova collaboration with many games to grab.

One of the projects aims to increase the number of applicants at the same time: a jubilee project dedicated to the significant events of last year, and a multi-city project dedicated to the legendary French cruiser Colbert.

World of Warships: Legends unlock Code: Legends destroy the world’s weapons.

To ensure all XboxDynasty, while looking for their first dive into World of Warships: Legends, have something to celebrate, they can now use an exclusive unlock code to unlock some extras when they sign up.

  • Destroyer Smith (U.S. ) (Dier 2)!
  • Five days for a free account.
  • Birthday camouflages for 20 years.
  • 5th T2 Booster.

And here is the exclusive Xbox Dynasty code – valid until September 1st, 2022 with every new registration – redeemable to Xbox or PlayStation:

You redeem the code as well.

World of Warships: Legends Xbox X Sweepstakes, Sweepstakes, and the Second World of War.


  • Where: Xbox X console?
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  • Two places: World of Warships: Legends Hammock.
  • We will close August 28, 2022 at 11 a.m. The general conditions of participation apply. All winners will be informed by private message of their prize.

    A notification: You can also re-success a social media channel; he drew me on the facebook page and Facebook page to find out more about your chances of winning.

    Every company at XboxDynasty wishes to win this competition and is keeping our fingers crossed with you.

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