Today Totoro Catbus is the best piece of desserts, a chef of sushi at Japan’s Pizza Restaurant proves that the renowned macaron cook is good for the taste

We weren't sure if we wanted to ride or eat, but we do know we love them.

We’re not sure whether or not we want to ride or eat it, but we know it’s like it.

When you think about an ancient story, chances are the first image that you think will come to mind is a large round disc, exactly like those heavy stones they use in curling matches. You can make a macaron in any shape. So long as you have proper parts, a cream filling sandwiched between almond flour wafers, and the cream filling of what you want?

That seems to be the philosophy of Japanese sweets chef and Twitter user Manna-Tanuki (@maaco414) who recently shared an excellent proof that a macaron is perfectly designed: characters from My Neighbor Totoro.

If, like us, you’ve always thought that the animated anime that had been swept by your conscious thoughts, the cookie batter Manna-Tanuki looks like the cartoonistic model of the Catbus.

After baking the basic Catbus shape, Manna-Tanuki started to add icing details.

The bottom wafer is easier, but its simply one piece of solid material combines the cream with the blackberry.

which the assembled top plate is added to.

Of course you can’t have a Catbus without passengers too, can you?

Once they are done and detailed, we can see that today on the Catbus, we are getting some Soot Sprites.

and Totoros by three-size cast!

We might not know where they’re going, but we’re sure that we’ll come.

The making-of-the-camera for the Macnappy-Tanukis style hats the Mashere.

(@maaco414) July 18, 2022

Whoa, that looks very tasty. I want to eat so bad. But its very cute that eating it would feel like a waste. Thank you for the feast! If someone made me it for me, I’d probably keep me happy over the next 10 years.

Mana-Tanuki doesn’t mention that either man was eating the Catbus macaron or if it ended up in a Ghibli fans stomach, but he always has a video with her Kirby marshmallows, if only only as she’s still have videos of her Kirby marshmallows.

(@maaco414) March 21st 2022

The One Piece Devil Fruit.

Why don’t you buy your Devil Fruit when you can make their own?

(@maaco414) 8 August 2022

Unfortunately, we have the personal skills to make macarons with Manna-Tanukis precision and panache, but might just come to the Ghibli theme park in Tokyo later this year.

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