Warcraft: Dragonflights The main characters and the storyteller explained the story

World of Warcraft players are wading through uncharted territory and are working to end up in shadowlands for some time. Dragonflight, the next expansion currently in alpha, looks like an extended narrative reset. Players will return to Azeroth, and the Dragon Islands show up for many old-fashioned fantasy.

World of Warcraft players have exploding through uncharted territory and laying their way through the realm of death for some time now shadowlands. The dragonflight, the new expansion currently in alpha, looks like a narrative reset. The Dragon Islands are set for many old-fashioned fantasy adventures.

Of course in a game that’s so long and narratively dense World of Warcraft, nothing is really easy. It seems like Blizzard will reintroduce old characters and turn more tense. If you’ve taken a break from Azeroth, but dragonflight If you’re interested, here’s all you need to know about the upcoming expansions.

[Ed. note: This article contains very mild spoilers from Public Test Realm.

It’s like dragonflight starts fresh after a time warp a huge need for this area since the extension up shadowlandseach extended covers a time period of about two years. It’s been a long time now, and things have changed. The character of this life is feeling refreshed, and the royal elven wedding is celebrated, and Azeroth has stepped off the train of constant, incessant crises and wars. What are the big players doing?

There’s a major alliance: Horde and alliance.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

The Horde is very interesting with the long and sometimes frightening story for Sylvanas Windrunner Battle for Azeroth. The enemy has a peaceful relationship with the Alliance, but the factions whose violent past became violent and a terrorist committed the sabotage under Sylvanas, burnt down Teldrassil and the night elves, and killed all the people who lived there. This is something that the narrative works hard to deal with, and therefore Horde characters are in an awkward position. It seems like the Horde is being held up by a council of level-headed people, and not a warchief, and everything seems to be going well now.

Allianz has not made structural changes on the other hand. They’re still a monarchy led by a King of the High. Anduin Wrynn, the sweet boy of Warcraft, is still quite traumatized by the events of the war on Azeroth and the shadowlands, so he took a vacation. The reigning ruler, who took Anduins place, is Turalyon, a war hero, who disappeared while in the winter of 1995, etyre, in the year 2015, and won no later legion. He was off-screen for two decades, but in-game he spent a thousand years in an area of space and fighting a huge war against demons. Thus, he began as a cop, and it’s still still to be seen whether he’s capable of governing the Alliance in a way that does that.

All right, there is peace between the two factions. Hell, player’s both sides play together now. That means we have to focus on one kind of enemy to begin with, as the old joke said, thats who the Warcraft franchise is.

Oops! You are all dragons.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

The extension is called dragonflight, so a lot of dragonflights exist, such as the red, blue, green, bronze, and black dragonflights, and the guiding element of their existence. The dragonaspects lost the most power towards defeating Deathwing, a calamity of the Black Dragonflight. This power is much restored, in that process, is still being restored. Dragons are no longer barren and we’re in a new age. Clean!

Alexstrasza, the queen of dragonflight and a part of the red dragonflight, will be one of the main quest givingrs and NPCs we travel with. Like most of the games, Alexstrasza helped the heroes Wrath of the Lich King and the catastrophe, and even took some time to save lost souls from the scourge of undeath.

Kalecgos is relatively unknown, the realm of magic and the role of the blue dragonflight. He has starred in a manga in 2005 and briefly met Jaina Proudmoore several years later, but he has a blank slate. Merithra, new leader of the Green Dragonflight, also has it. The role was confirmed after the massacre of his mother, and her mother died. A corrupt Ysera legionand saved her Yseras soul by holding her to the realm of shadowlands. She has big shoes, so we know all about dragonflight.

The second of their leaders is the most interesting. Wrathion is the son of the previous, intense Deathwing, in which he is trying to redeem his dragonflight. In other words, Wrathion sucks young, impulsive, and gets thrown off the idea instead of checking in with his friends. Consequently, he’s one of the most popular characters in World of Warcraft.

In addition to the bronze aspect of Nozdormu. The players learn of the catastrophe, the need to kill Nozdormu from being in corruption and try to sabotage all chronology. Nozdormu is pretty cool, but this character is literally a time bomb that could get off during this time of flying by storm.

Early Dragonflight In the content to test, the Aspects, Horde and Alliance work together to stop threats such as the original Proto-Drakes and their Elementalist cults, and uncover the secrets behind the new playable race, Dractyrs, which are like a hidden science experiment, seem to unleash Deathwing finally on the world.

Azeroth itself seems to be a decent place for flying, so our journey to the Dragon Isles feels more optimistic and adventurous than the last few expansions. However, there are still some hidden traces of a movie, where the writers carefully arranged the narrative against characters like Nozdormu and Turalyon, and which will probably soon be difficult. Finals players must raid for their cute booty.