Where & Why did Goku leave with Shenron to finish the Dragon Ball GT?

Dragon Ball GT isn't the one that was in the canon universe of Dragon Ball, but that holds a special place in the hearts of fans of Dragon Ball fans because of its floppy face and amazing battle scenes. After the anime was over, no one could see Goku defeating Omega. Where Did Goku Go at the Dragon Ball GT? Read More

Even though Dragon Ball GT was never part of the canon universe of Dragon Ball, ecstasy still has a great place in the hearts of many Dragon Ball fans. That is because of its incredibly large action and intense fight scene, it’s a special part of the world. After the anime ended, Goku will fail, the universe will make them cry. But Goku left the dragon, Shenron, at the end, and seemed able to go back in the end. How and why did Goku leave to Shenron at Dragon Ball?

It was never completely explained where and why Goku left at the end of GT, but it is possible that he fused with the dragon ball and was forced to leave so that no one ever could use them for their own purposes again. His pure heart left him all immortal and he became one with Shenron.

The theme of the dragon ball anime is a center of a whole body of the dragon Ball anime. The purpose of the wish-granting orbs is for a woman who stole every animal, or at a time, to summon the dragon Shenron, or to give them a wish. The Dragon Balls were used for evil, but the shadow dragons were born. That said, let’s look at what Goku did at Dragon Ball and it was like a ball.

What happened To Goku At The Final Dragon Ball?

The mainline canon Dragon Ball storyline came to an end with the defeat of a boy named Buu back in the Dragon Ball Z anime. In spite of the fact that the manga continued on with the release of the Non-canon Dragon Ball GT series, which followed the story years after the end of DBZ. This time, the storyline followed Kid Goku, who, when he was the birth of the Emperor Pilaf wanted to have the black Star Dragon Balls, which are more powerful than Earth Dragon Balls.

Goku, Pan and Trunks went on a trip around the world to recover the black Star dragon balls and make an effort to rekindle him into an adult. When they finally had the opportunity to revive everyone who died after the defeat of Baby and Super 17, the Dragon Balls had more or less turned out to be a dark dragon than the absolute hernron. This dark dragon was enough to support the Pans’ wish; instead it created the seven Shadow Dragons, which were strong enough to fight supersaiyan 4 Goku on the same level.

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Goku defeated all the dragons, as was the final of the evil dragon. He absorbed all the dragon balls so he could become the Omega Shenron. He was much stronger than Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta. After a fusion dance from Goku and Vegeta, it was ready to produce Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, who easily defeated the evil dragon and was about to kill him before the fusion ran out.

To defeat the evil dragon, Goku and the others had no longer tried to impose new strategies. Goku was lying on the ground he seemed dead. Nevertheless, he had enough energy to produce a Spirit Bomb powered by the whole universe. This attack was powerful enough to complete the damage to Omega Shenron.

Where did Goku leave when Shenron finished the Dragon Ball GT?

While Goku and others stooped to defeat their strongest foe on that moment, the hero had to leave with Shenron, who had taken in the Earth dragon ball when the Shadow Dragons were defeated. Goku and Shenron flew up the sky, unaware they never said where they were going. Meanwhile, Goku seems to have merged with Shenron. And where did Goku and Shenron go after Dragon Ball GT?

It was never fully explained where Goku should go with Shenron, but the fact that he was seemingly merged with Shenron suggests he became one with the dragon because he was the hero that allowed the Dragon Balls to return to their proper form. He became immortal with Shenron, who said no longer had any wishes that would be granted for a long time.

Goku disappeared in search of the Dragon Balls after Shenron got off. There’s no way for us to know where the person is, but it’s pretty clear that Goku had to leave for an amazing reason.

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But there is another theory there. The lion was defeated by Goku, but the dragon was lost. According to this, Gokus spirit was the one that urged the mighty fire in the ice bomb that vowed to defeat Omega Shenron. This explains why Omega Shenrons attacks weren’t affecting Goku while he was gathering energy for the Spirit Bomb, considering that he was already a spirit at that time.

Since Omega Shenron was defeated, Gokus spirit became one of her friends, so she was one of the people who had to quit because he was also one of her own who would also come in with the Dragon Balls. This is why, at the end of the Dragon Ball GT anime, Goku spirit was seen together with Goku Jr. the cent year after the odour of herath was defeated.

Why did Goku leave with Shenron At the End of Dragonball GT?

Besides the fact that Gokus whereabouts were unknown after Omega Shenron was defeated, it was never completely explained why Goku had to leave with Shenron. He has left. So why did Goku leave for Shenron at Dragon Ball GT?

Again, no explanation was given. Goku had to abandon the dragon at the end of the ‘Grow’ with the Dragon Balls and the Dragon Balls. But it’s probably back to the possibility that his spirit might be one with the Dragon Balls and an immortality.

The reasons for the Shadow Dragons arose that the Dragon Balls were continually used in their history for selfish and evil reasons. Even though it wasn’t easy to collect the Dragon Balls, Goku never wanted to use them for selfish reasons, because he almost always used them to reclaim the universe, especially when it came to reviving those who had died from the attacks of the villains that he and his friends had faced throughout the storyline.

Goku was forced to leave for the destruction of the gods of the dragon and the ball in 1945 when he was the only one who had the ultimate immortality for a wish. It was surprisingly ironic that the only man who ever believed to be immortal in the Dragon Balls was the only one who subsequently became immortal with them.

Considering that Shenron told the heroes of the planet he didn’t want to leave the ground plane for a very long time, the Dragon Balls needed to leave the earthly plane. And because Goku became one with them, he had also to go with them.

This also explains why a return of the Dragon Balls took a hundred years for Goku, since shenron waited a century for the Dragon Balls to return to the planet. Goku Jr. found the four-star Dragon Ball and again, since it was a Dragon Ball he most associated with when he was still a child, because it was an heirloom of the man who raised him.