A day back was the NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge

Jordan Challenge NBA 2K23 will be coming soon, the long-awaited return has gone to 12 years. In that mode you'll experience fifteen unique experiences, each setting up a milestone moment in Michael Jordans career. In addition to every challenge, you can watch video interviews with celebrities who were integral to each other.

Jordan Challenge NBA 2K23 is coming soon, the long-awaited return after 12 years away from the franchise. In this mode, you will have fifteen unique experiences, each set around a milestone in Michael Jordan’s career.

In addition to each challenge you can watch video interviews with celebrity who were integral to each real-life moment, including those of 1998 and 1998 rivals Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson.

Check out the new Jordan Challenge trailer here.

One of the coolest things for Jordan Challenge is the attention to detail, given the upcoming year. The game has filters that reflect the recording/TV quality in the moment, and you can see era-specific jerseys, pitches and even sponsors during the missions. As such, that’s pretty much the real retelling of Michael Jordans career you could be hoping for.

But what do you want to accomplish for the next 15 challenges? Besides doing that, you can take all of this seriously, in myteam and MyCareer mode, earn a Jordan City Jersey, and show your love for this legend.

A twist on classic NBA 2K23 gameplay offers a whole new twist: low post and mid-range play. The game was revised to reflect the 1980s style of play. The transition lanes were pushed to the rim with players cutting numbers in numbers.

According to producer Zach Timmerman, this mode was reintroduced back to NBA 2K23 to repackage the Michael Jordan story and to a new generation of NBA fans. The thought process was that a lot of young players didn’t probably have played more than a decade ago. If you are a basketball leader, it’s worth reading a story.

What do you think about the return of the Jordan Challenge? Are you looking forward to doing that? More information on NBA 2K23, see our article for the NBA 2K23 gameplay change that happened last week.