a very fast release date, and an extremely low price

The best news of the week for fans of this pink ball is that Kirbys Dream Buffet will be arriving on Switch in just a few days. That costs very little! During a concert celebrating the 30th anniversary of Little Pink Balls, the sound of fans and non-fans alike, Nintendo announced that [.]

If you love the pink ball and get enough of the cold, the Kirbys Dream Buffet will be arriving on Switch in a few days. That costs almost nothing!

With the announcement that Nintendo released a book about the 30th anniversary of Little Pink Balls, which seems to be well received by fans and non-fans alike, the movie, Kirbys Dream, was released.

Kirbys Dream Buffet will go on Nintendo Switch on August 17.

You haven’t yet announced anything yet. The Nintendo Switch eShop will be available on the 24th of August 2022. The prize is just as cute as the pink ball: $.99.

This is the same as its predecessors, including Kirby and Forgotten World, since it is purely multiplayer software. In total, four players will compete in various events and fall under the contraband of the fake Air fall company, where in particular, eat it should be mandatory. It’s still Kirby!

There are three types of events during the game, starting with a race. You have to sit down and push your opponents to get more money. You can use all shots. And, if you are in a hurry, you can also include the various functions of your juice.

  • Tornado: to take the strawberries around you up a little to you.
  • Throw in the pool: walk through the walls!
  • Jump in the air and take off!

After the race, it is time for the mini-games which are still about eat as many strawberries as possible but within one minute. Eventually you will end up in a separate realm where your goal is to win back up against your opponents to steal their loot. Of course, there are rewards and unlockable costumes available on the video above.