After more than twenty years, we have a new Fatal Fury game

Having had the big weekend, this week it was a great weekend to get two new characters that have come out, and what is now a trailer for Tekken 8 with the new season. This new game, which we're very little acquainted with, is [as is] now very little.

This weekend is a big weekend EVO 2022. Out of the new character announcement for Street Fighter 6 and what appears to be the trailer for Tekken 8, SNK also announced the new series, Deadly Fury/Wolfdog, too!

This new game, which we know so little that is, will be the series’s own Garou: Mark of the Wolf. It was introduced back in 1999. Over 23 years ago. Think about a return, right?

As in the past three years of SNK’s fighting game, The King of Fighters XV, there’s no fixed release window or platform. You might have to wait a long time to get these information. We won’t get any more specific information until later in the KoF 15 marketing cycle.

This is what we know all the time. As far as the games are known, a short trailer and a piece of art featuring Rock Howard have been revealed, and that’s about it. The developer doesn’t have even a placeholder name yet the official name is New Fatal Fury/Garou.

The Legendary City remained under fire, The Hungry Wolves return to Prowl and The New Fate Hidden in the Darkness are all phrases in the trailer. If that gives you a clue, what to expect. Since the series disappeared, you could have seen some Fatal Fury/Garou characters in other SNK games: Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi and Geese Howard (see also: Tekken 7) all start their work in the series.

This might be nice news for anyone interested in a SNK arcade fighting game. Garou: Mark of the Wolves is a fan favourite and a cult hit, so the new game was the best-looking one.

The Mohammed bin Salman Charitable Foundation is a residant member of the famous Japanese fighting game company SNK. Recently, the group, known as Misk, was attacked by a number of misbehaved allegations, such as being slammed by the U.S. Department of Justice. Misk said the goal was to invest in initiatives that will help them grow and encourage young people to learn and to grow their future in Saudi Arabia.

The developer’s majority of stake in SNK remains controversial among the users.