Biggest Cult Fandoms and Why Fans Have No Other Like You, & Do They Stick with You, & &?

These are all the worst of fandom, because either the cut off or did just a good show run.

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Some fans are created from massive multi-media franchises that have multiple decades of content that attracts audiences and inspires fans. Think Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC.

And there are tiny critters that got kicked over and stepped on, but they do a lot of fun.

That’s one of the most hit-on-a-so-good-two fans in history, but that if not sooner or sooner, devoted audiences seemed to sprout out after his first big show. Let’s climb to the most beautiful little fandoms that we’ve seen.

Firefly 1 season, a movie, and a comics series.

In spite of the grossness of Joss Whedon, undertones of Confederate revisionism, and racism and sexism issues in the show (seriously, look up the deleted Inara Reaver plotline only if you have a strong stomach), it was still a gem that was killed by the network before it really had a chance to show how shiny it could be. Fortunately, it did the best it could get to know about the world’s greatest plotlines, that came 3 years later, but it also underperformed and killed any hope of a sequel.

Obviously, some fans of this series tend to be fans of Whedons larger-shelf work (this show was shown during Buffy’s 7 season and Angel’s 4 season, and many cast members appeared on either of these shows later). But still said a lot that over two decades later, some fans of Firefly could be out there, holding their own on what they have. There’s still presence on the internet, always in comics, among the fan cons.

Freaks and Geeks start season.


This show was another big screen show, and it was only likely to never be last on network television, but was definitely undercut by NBC. The producers made a website to promote the show but NBC refused to let them share the link because they worried that the Internet would run them out of business. An estimated 80 years ago, hour-long episodes and short-and-do list would’ve made it a hit with modern audiences but ended up alienating audiences of the late 90s/early 2000s. Yet, the fans of the show are a dedicated group of misfits, and memories in the many cast members that broke out in Hollywood with significant careers.

Rocky Horror Picture One musical (with many versions).

The Fox of the 20th century is the use of the 20th Century.

One phrase encapsulates the show: counterpoint dialogue. This shows a lack of religious integrity is so absurd that it has its own Wikipedia article. Even though you have never seen Rocky Horror, you may recognize either a song or two or the costumes that follow it.

Broadway music (Heathers, Be More Chill, etc.).

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The interesting thing about all Broadway/Musical fandoms is that many fans of Broadway musicals may have never seen the shows live, because of their lack of access to them. This will be rectified thankfully with better access via recording in-depth (filming recordings of live musicals), a pirated version and a touring/lottery network. Yet there is a certain magic that is can be said for the fans who spend hours animated their favourite songs from the cast, without having ever seen the performances on stage.

For example, musicals are evolving: the development of new books, or works at a moment, while more and more contemporary music is on the rise of the age of musicals.

Hazbin Hotel a pilot episode, some comics and a spinoff-web series on its second season.

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Vizziepops magnum opus asks what happens when the princess of Hell attempts to get the right to be a guest in the room to get them into heaven. The pilot episode has 718 fanfics on Our Own, thousands of movie and TV.

The Room 1, 1 autobiography, 1 biopic, etc.

We see the benefit of Wiseau Films, Hollywood Television, and Boundary Productions.

This film was always considered one of the worst of all time. Today a fan of the film will attend midnight, tying plastic spoons at the screen or footballs in the aisles of theaters to capture the surreal experience of this movie.

The infamy of this movie also led to the production of the 2013 movie Disaster Artist and the 2017 movie adaptation that outperformed the original theatrical run of The Room.

Sorta Cheating

These are the shows that it wouldn’t feel right to exclude, even if they were still coming out or have an impact on the larger media.

Sherlock 4 seasons and an Christmas Special for BBC.


Our qualifications were incorrect in the past, with the series making up over a century of Sherlock Holmes novels and adaptations. I haven’t even included this show, since it had only six episodes (2 seasons) in Tumblr. As well as the previously extended show Supernatural and Doctor Who, this series exploded the careers of Ben Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Our Flag is the reason for death.

Without the glitzy HBO Max.

That show is sane! Nevertheless, he’s already caught the minds and hearts of his fans, and introduced an important armada of 10041 fanfics in 5 months on Archive of Our Own.

Hades 1 game.

This is the case of supergiant games.

Again, technically based on 1000-year-old Greek Mythology and their adaptations, but this devoted fandom shouldn’t be discounted. One of the most loved games of the pandemic, we’ll follow Zagreus from the beginning to the end.

Free! 38 books, 5 books.

Animation and Animation do have the influence of Kyoto.

Again, technically not a definate amount for a series, if so, for an anime.

The real interesting part is that a million people attribute the shows to an entertaining video that went viral on Tumblr before the show technically existed.

The episode of Bee and PuppyCat takes 25 o’clock.

Via Frederator Studios/Netflix.

Bee and PuppyCat is another series that has 25 episodes at a respectable time, but seems like an obnoxious fandom due to the fact that the first episode exploded in popularity and the fact that the fandom hardly gets a second season of Netflix this September (reine years after the first episode).

Why are people so attaching these works to me?

Some of the works were related to the creation: both Joss Whedon and Steven Moffat were pretty well-known when they started making these shows. Their names helped get into the studio the first time they were having this project. Sometimes these works are adaptations of well-known stories, and they had a highly loyal audience.

Others go viral; they find that group of people who share their stories online, and who are also their advocates and publicists, generating hype rather than advertising.

It is merely about people coming in at the right moment, like those of the 70s, or modern day early rebirth.

In spite of the limited scientific ability, some commercials are trying to reverse engineer the phenomenon.

It happens because, at the right time, one shit looks in the wrong place or in the wrong place at the right time. In either case, the devoted audience can find it through thick and thin hiatus, delays and false promises and cancellations.

More than any other Mary Sue contributor: Honorable mentions.

  • Homestuck
  • B&P
  • Sunstone
  • Promare
  • Team Fortress 2:25-38.
  • Serial Experiments Lain.
  • Thems fighting Herds fighting their weapons.
  • Skullgirls
  • Time with a regular series starts in the first season.
  • Arrested Development
  • Dragon Age
  • Five Nights at Freddys.

What’s your favorite cult fandom or favorite piece of underrated media?

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