Breaking Bad creator wanted a GTA-like game on a show

AMC One of the most widely seen TV shows of the past few decades was breaking bad on AMC. Its spin-off, Better call Saul, was especially popular and successful. Well, before the first episode of Sauls, the creator of both shows, Vince Gilligan confirmed there were plans and attempts to make [a] difference.

Picture: AMC.

AMC, one of the most acclaimed and popular TV shows in the last few decades, broke bad. Its spin-off, Better call Saul, was widely used and well-known. Well before Sauls last episode, the creator of both shows, Vince Gilligan, confirmed that there have been plans and attempts to make a video game set in the series breaking Bad universe, but it has never happened. He warns those who still want to see a game don’t hold their breath.

Like discovered by Comicbook.comGilligan appeared in a recent episode of The In the Gilverse Podcast to speak about the latest episodes of Better called Saul, Breaking Bads legacy and future of the franchise and its characters. But when, in the podcast, she was asked about the difficulties of bad video games and if they needed to make a set of games in this universe. Surprisingly, Gilligan was very open when admitting they were trying to make a game, but that did not happen for a reason.

I’m not an incredible game player, but how can you not know that Grand Theft Auto? Gilligan said on the podcast. I remember telling the boys that [who are] Don’t let Apple run now who originally said yes to breaking Bad Who owns Grand Theft Auto? Can you have a module, can’t there exist? a break in a module? It still makes a great deal of sense to me!

It seems that Gilligan suggests that if he or her people were in contact with Rockstar Games, they could make something based on breaking Bad, the truth is still that he isn’t a big player. No matter who he spoke to about how to make a fair game, it never happened. And this isn’t the only time for a breaking bad game to be discussed, planned and then finally over.

The video game is hard, he says. And some of them made it to market. We’ve tried the Sony PlayStation VR headset. We created a mobile game that took a while to play.

In The Gilliverse S3E15 Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould Completion of BCS, in the back of the wall, the back of the sand, and then the back of the head.

According to Gilligan, many people spent a lot of energy, effort and talent writing novel games that never happened. The mobile game has barely lasted a year before it ended in 2020 with little fanfare. Why no of these projects and planned games ever happened seems to be one simple fact. Making video games is a suck.

It’s hard to make a video game, despite the difficult work I learned about myself, Gilligan admitted. It is literally a thousand years and a thousand million dollars, especially if you are trying to get away with VR and stuff like that. No one really got to its final destination. It’s a terrible thing.

Another possible hurdle is that Gilligan and his team are very special about securing everything with the breaking Bad Name on it that corresponds to their high quality standards. He joked about that in the notoriously bad ET game for the Atari 2600, saying they didn’t want a game based on the show, which was so bad it got buried in a desert. Instead, every game in this world without breaking bad character and locations would have to be great and include all the details.

With all that has been said and Better call Saul Graduated later this month plus Gilligan saying he has no plans It looks unlikely the world will revisit the franchise anytime soon breaking bad game it deserves. The fact is that Gilligan has warned those of you who might watch the game in a GTA-Similar with Walter White, that you shouldn’t hold your breath at the moment if it happens.