Dragons: A speedrunner has a hard time chasing a terrible trophy hunt

News Kingdom Hearts: A speedrunner has been practicing a totally insane trophy hunt Published on 10/12/2022 at 20:59 It's a lot of challenge that a German speedrunner has just conquered by setting a absurd goal of combining speedrunning and trophy hunting. Because you know that the choice you decide is not easy, you don't make it easy to find that you know your choice is the [] decision.

news Kingdom Hearts: A speedrunner has been tasked with a full game of trophy hunting.

Published on Monday 08.11.21 at 20:59.

A German speedrunner was just taking on the dangerous challenge of combining speedrunning and trophy hunting. And knowing that your choice is the vast universe of Kingdom-Heads doesn’t make it easy.

There are seven games, seven platinum in seven days.

Kingdom Hearts is a well-known franchise for gaming fans. This series is conceived and published by Square Enix. The project is in collaboration with Japan’s Japanese studio and Disney Interactive Studios, directed by Tetsuya Nomura. A world as rich as it is vast, decided to start a masterful challenge from the German streamer and speedrunner and desa. Indeed, during the week, on the seventh August, precisely, The latter has decided to snag seven platinum trophies corresponding to the seven games that the main series rebooted and released on PlayStation 4 and do it as quickly as possible. These are exactly the names of the book: the book.

  • Kingdom Hearts finished mix.
  • Kingdom Hearts II final mix.
  • Kingdom Hearts – What a long note!
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth of Sleep Final Mix!
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance HD.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Sleep birth 0.2.
  • Kingdom Hearts III.

And the challenge doesn’t stop there as desa is fixed three days morean average of one-thirds a day.

We start the journey tomorrow to get all things right (so you could do it!

Desa (@desa3579) August 6, 2022

An ambitious challenge.

So, within twenty-eight weeks of complete completion, each episode will be finished in straight line, therefore as long as it follows the main story, 115 hours are required to complete the set. Knowing that seven days are 168 hours, the difference isn’t very vast. Even the trophy hunters agree that beating the game isn’t enough to gain a precious platinum. With other trophies, such as attachments, it is normally necessary to take time to collect, for example, items that are difficult to locate.

According to his posts on Twitter since the speedrunner started his challenge, It went platinum for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix in 11 hours and for the episode Re: The Chain of Memories in Under 20 hours. The program was full of exhaustions and wasted a few hours. The final result will be a month by August 15th.

Day 1, went on!We got the 1FM Plat in 11 hours!

desa (@desa3579) August 7, 2022

Lesa (@desa3579) August 11, 2022

If the idea sounds completely unimaginable, it seems that it will suffice as long as it is before you do the next job. In addition, if Kingdom Hearts IV was announced to mark the franchises twenty anniversary celebrations, it isn’t anticipated immediately, but the mystery remains no secret.

– Names of the Kingdom Hearts.