Elvis, Netflix, Day Shift and all new movies to watch at home

This week, new movies to watch at home are led by a big theatrical release finally coming to home video and a TV film that was a bit ebb, which seems like a throwback. First, we must talk about this elvis. Baz Luhrmanns maximalist approach is a perfect vehicle for the tale of one of American pop []

Taking over this week a new movie to watch home is accompanied by a rogue upcoming film coming to home, and a movie that is somewhat like a throwback.

First we need to talk about it elvis. Baz Luhrmanns maxist approach is a perfect metaphor for an idea of one of the most influential figures in American pop culture — and if you cant go to the theater with me, then its a full time possibility to watch at home.

Another highlight of the Netflix day shift is the hybrid starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg. It’s an incredible experience and an unexpected throwback to an ingone age of action filmmaking.

And the two children’s films, one documentary about Princess Diana, and David Cronenberg’s crimes of the future and Alex Garlands men at reduced rent and much more.

Let’s go there!


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The film Baz Luhrmann was about the King of Rock n Roll with Austin Butler (Once in Hollywood) as the legendary musician and Tom Hanks as the patron of Tom Parker. From the review we put together:

It turns out that the director isn’t the main actor in the cast choice. Baz Luhrmann is exactly what an Elvis biography needs: he knows no secret, no secret truth, no shame. He was the only filmmaker who ever has the highest-profile and emotional candor it deserves to be able to address Elvis Presley.

If you’re interested, visit our list of great biopics about musicians or the best movies from Elvis’ acting career.

day shift

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Digital Image: Netflix

This new acting-horror comedy marks the debut of the veteran stunt-composer and action coordinator JJ Perry. It’s in many ways an adaptation of buddy comedy action films from 30 years ago, but with modernized choreography. Jamie Foxx plays a vampire hunter in desperate need of money and meets with a representative of the Vampire Hunters Union (Dave Franco) and his old friend to score a big score.

From our review:

The refreshingly low stakes and the way the daily and the supernatural blend effortlessly here are just two of the possibilities day shift will remind the very rich viewers of the many video stores of the 90s and 80s where the film is very clearly a declaration of love. The Lost Boys, Dead heatand Terrible Night All adore their own tributes and other films. These references are presented brilliantly and only used for those who want to devote themselves to film. Other people are listening.

Secret headquarters

Where to see: Available for streamed on Paramount Plus.

I’m going to Hopper Stone.

Owen Wilson is a hybrid of Iron Man and Green Lantern in this superhero film, The Spiderman and The Animes.

Moreover, this review is a good one.

Secret headquarters Spoils childrens fun with super powerful gadgets, the glow shines. The film is regarded for a limited focus on the conflict between Charlie and his father and the toll that life as a masked vigilante takes on family life sets the movie apart from other entries in the Kids Discover Superpower and/or SuperGadgets subgenre. The stricken adult theme a little less a bit, but, as Joost and Schulman narrow down the plot to smaller plots and sillier agnies, secret headquarters turns out to be a fun, heartwarming romp.

To protect innocent people’s crimes.

Where: Appearance, a purchase for five,99 dollars from Apple, Amazon, and Google.

Image: NEON?

Viggo Mortensen, Lea Seydoux and Kristen Stewart star in David Cronenberg’s body horror project. There’s no better time to revisit Cronenberg’s history with the genre he has long championed.

From our review:

For shivering moments, and for frightening moments, the recent version of “The Magic of the Sky” and “The Planet” are all that cool. Even crime is Cronenberg’s first full-fledged sci-fi/horror film since 1999 – the real gaming odyssey. Her return to genre territory is more extreme and less so. There exists as a web-friendly route for the squeamish, but yet still in terms of the explicit surgical moment in the scene, that’s a rather contemplative, sometimes recessive film. You could even describe this as a mood picture.


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Kevin Baker/A24 photo.

This film by Alex Garland tells the story of a young woman, Jessie Buckley, who flees to the countryside with her husband after traumatic experience, just to see a very strange group of people sharing the same faces.

From our exam, it was clear: “Will you get this review?

It is a meaning and purpose – while men are a sense of purpose. Garland and the cinematographer, Rob Hardy (who shot Ex Machina and destruction, respectively) give the film a highly intense visual sharpness, vivid colors and stunning images endlessly impressive. Simple shots of a moss-covered tree or raindrops that rippling in the puddle are almost beautiful. The music by Portisheads Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow who worked on Garlands and the previous two films blends ambient sounds and music with Buckley’s vocalisations, sometimes to a hauntingly beautiful effect. Like exploring the echo of a tunnel with her own voice, the artist puts off his own singing. Later, a scream of pent-up emotional pain falls out of the soundtrack so he may think more than anything she does.

Happy Birthday

Where to see: The music can be streamed on Netflix.

The Netflix picture is an image.

This telegrammatical drama is set in a fictional country where a law is rolled out that makes gun ownership mandatory. This film follows a group of people in a fancy hotel where customers have to have guns and a series of incidents that result.

It is the Emperor’s name.

Where to see: Available for Netflix.

Image: Netflix

The action thriller in Europe follows the moral dilemma of a secret agent when asked to build a political figure up.

heart song

Where to find the things that are accessible and viewed on Netflix. Can you listen to this?

Watch a movie.

The heart song is a musical romantic drama from Turkey that follows the nomadic folk music singer from the people of the cathedral who fell in love with the bride of a wedding that he was hired for. The film is very full of folk music in cathedrals.

Money steals: The Big Heist!

Where can we find it? The trailer is available on Netflix.


The most famous bank robbery in Argentina is explored in this true crime document. When 5 masked robbers took hostage 23 people and robbed a bank in broad daylight, the relic was discovered in 2006.

Pakka ad

Where to see: For streaming in Netflix, here’s the chance to watch.

Image: Netflix

Another Telugu comedy coming to Netflix this week is a courtroom action comedy about a lawyer who has an undisputed client. He is not in touch with his ex-jurispiatry father because of his relationship with the client.

Stay on board: The Leo Baker Story.

Where can you see a book: Please view it on Netflix.

Image: Netflix

This documentary tells the story of pioneering skater Leo Baker, who won gold at the 2014 Summer X Games, and is also a prominent trans athlete.

13: The musical

Where you’ll see it: It’s available to stream on Netflix.

Photo: Alan Markfield/Netflix.

From New York to Indiana, the film adaptation of the 2007 stage musical is directed by Jason Robert Brown, and Robert Horn and Dan Elish based on a boy who moved from New York to the United States and wants to remember his new surroundings like a bar mitzvah.

The princess

Where to see: Available for viewing on HBO Max.

Image: The HBO Show.

It’s not something to confuse that recently released Hulu action film in same name The princess is a documentary about Princess Diana from the Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Ed Perkins.

I like my dad very much.

Where to see: Available for rent for $2.99, courtesy of Apple.

One-touch-like pictures.

The comedy, which was based on true story, is believable, and a father is trying to connect with the son online. Yes, he wants to buy a kid’s book, which was written by Morosini, whose real-life experience the story is based on).


Where can I find it? Available for $5.99 on Apple, Amazon, etc.

Paramount Pictures.

This sci-fi thriller is inspired by a detective (Jonathan Meyers), who recently lost his wife, and has been given a gift to her by an AI-based friend. As a result, he is in conflict with a group of resistance members that is trying to end this practice, while the AI companion starts to recall her memories.

From the results of our evaluations:

Instead of beginning to become uncomfortable and unbalanced with these characters, wifely unearths a barely concealed subtext and lays it out as text: Men support women; and if their attempts to do that are thwarted, they should invent new women to subdue even more. There are moments when a movie seems to reinterpret grief and loneliness as all-encompassing excuses for men’s misdeeds, but Bird backs away from that by not having principal characters who actually grieve. It’s only another interesting idea that the movie looks a bit of a crazy movie.

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