Fans create the best called Saul version in Game Boy style

She went against her famous opponent, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul. But the sad news is that it's coming to an end. Some of those fans are taking advantage of the time already known for the final episode, which will be this coming Monday. The youtube channel LumpyTouch and Game Boy Demakes have taken advantage of this time.

A new movie, Breaking Bad, Call Saul, will play a lot of fans. I’m sad to hear a little more than that. There are some fans taking advantage of the time ahead of the final episode, that’ll be next Monday.

the youtube channel LumpyTouch and Game Boy Demakes artist the new Better Call Saul series have created an adaptation of the Game Boy series. Using the most iconic scenes of the series to perform.

Lumpy (@LumpyTouch) August 7, 2022

Right now, it’s only about an animation – that’s not so much that you can play any work or anything. But it’s true that it’s done with such great care and love that it will make you want to play.

If you watch the sound, you will realize it’s the original soundtrack but in 8-bit mode. This video is a true pleasure.

What do you think, Nintendo?