Gshin Impact, Mechanical Frame: What does the new event be about? 420 Primgemme to collect and collect the vehicle from the base of the vehicle’s own body

New Genshin Impact, Perpetual Mechanical Frame: what is the new event about? 420 Primgemme to collect Published on 08/12/2022 at 21:35 And here's a new Genshin Impact event that'll sure tickle your brain this time. But don't panic, tell you everything! Come back every day to find the solution to put your [] belongings in your hands.

420 Primgemme to collect, impact impact of narcotics, Perpetual Mechanical Frame: what is the new event about?

The article was published at 21:35 on 08/12/2022.

That’s the best one in the world – The Genshin-Critic event that’ll tickle your brain this time! But don’t panic, i will explain everything to you. Come back every day to find a solution to get your gear right?

Despite the look for the official presentation of the Genshin Impact version 3.0 coming this Saturday, a new event is in play today. This one is very quick to complete but sometimes complex. Here’s our detailed explanation and guide to understand what to do.

Tempular mechanical rework.

You must be age 18 or higher to participate in this event. You should’ve also performed the quest dArchon Prologue Act 3 Song of the Dragon and Liberty. The event will take place from August 12 through August 22.

Come into the mondstadt quiz Felix Yog. Follow the quest icon to help you. He then sent you to Mondstadt for a look at the monster pond. If you go on the beach, speak with her again. You’ll be able to join the meeting. The goal is to restore six pieces of mechanical frames. After the event, the new track will be available every day. There are 6, though!

You have to adjust the different gear, so that they interact with each other, then activate the steering gear. Please note that gears of different levels can’t be connected directly. You can switch between the ten layers to check how the gears are placed.

On the rewards page, you can collect premium gems, moras, weapon upgrade materials and other rewards, and a decoration Perpetual mechanical frame for your Serenitheater.

I restored some mechanical frame parts 1

  • The first slot: Medium equipment, not to mention.
  • Second clip: Little clothes
  • – A large machine (price 3).
  • Slot 4: Big Equipment
  • 5 slot: Small shoes
  • Slot 6: Mobiliar equipment:

Restoration of mechanical frame parts 1

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