In international ratings, the PC trembles the original python in terms of the national ratings

Spiderman is finally in the PC. Remasters may be great success, putting up a benevolence in the international trade press. The game has a minimum of 88 points in Metacritic. Since then, the PC version has even overtaken the original from 2018, back then it reached 87.

Marvels Spiderman has finally come into the computer. And it seems like the remaster could be a huge success, the media said well. The game is averaging 88 points in Metacritic. The PC version has overtaken the original for years, and back then reached 87 points.

Here’s how and what is being rated, as well as what is criticised and praised. If you like our assessments more, you can read here what the tester is about about the game:

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The problem isn’t related.

Spider-Man test: The best superhero game since Batman is an arcade game.

What are not the best, not the best?

Even merely numbers alone mean very little, so we want to give a brief summary of the strengths and weaknesses that the testers noticed in particular.


In a high fashion, New York is in excellent condition. The successful presentation of the open world and its characters, which after many years of increased work and more, looks real good in 2022. Another example of our own pig, Vali, has been told that he’ll be an author of the accident.

Insomniac has created an extremely faithful and vibrant New York with references to the real world and the Marvel Universe at every turn.

Spiderman is used in different systems, so it’s necessary for more performance at most settings, so it’s not uncommon for the entire user to see a game on more traditional systems. That’s what makes the game noisy Cody Medellin von WorthPlaying the game great:

Marvels Spider-Man Remastered is a great superhero adventure, yet its best on PC will be. This is mainly due to the varied graphics choices.

You become Spiderman, which is praised for being able to take over the role of Peter Parker and be in contact with his characters. So writes about Kosta Andreadis from AusGamers:

The best thing about this experience is that you connect with the story and become a Spiderman.


Spider-Man shows, in the trailer, how much in the new PC version is it.


Generic Open World Tasks: While New York seems to be a great place to live, there is some criticism that the side quests lack variety over time. Rick Lane of PC Gamer writes: “Only one of them has the right to get this all the time.”

It seems quickly that Insomniac didn’t know how to fill the open world. Many side-hunts have become simple symbols: collect backpacks, hunt pigeons, and play hide and seek.

Minor technical issues: Sometimes there were bugs or performance problems in the test versions. However, since many of them seem to have already been fixed, testers such as Comicbooks Tanner Dedmon see little reason for concern here: one can say that many of them have not yet been fixed.

Spiders should not have a lot of problems. Even though the remaster’s fault or even the other crashes were fixed, these were largely eliminated by pre-release updates.

We also conducted extensive technical tests. You can see the results here, but we have to say we have the best.

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Spider-Man remastered his abilities.

Great graphics, but the cost is much to work with.

It’s how Spiderman is rated.

Finally, we put a selection of the ratings in our table. We compiled individual reviews.

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