In this moment, there is no plan to bring Tower of Fantasy to consoles

If you live in a cave or a stone, I’ll tell you that Tower of Fantasy is one of the moment’s best. We had an idea that had inspired Genshin Impact, an anime-inspired MMORPG, to make gamers a hit. It won’t be uncommon for you to read the news about this game in the coming weeks.

Thing is available only for PC and mobile, making it impossible to run in consoles. But of course that’s not something that anyone likes. It doesn’t seem like a malicious decision. Even the lack of resources allows to work on several versions simultaneously.

Perfect World doesn’t work on any version of Tower of Fantasy for consoles.

No matter whether it’s being added to Xbox or not, Perfect World’s set of new releases is uncertain. Here’s the answer that they received for their users on the official discord channel, after receiving a high number of requests for an introduction of the game to consoles.

No misinformation may be reported on us or have been said in the past, notwithstanding any actual developments, it’s not an immediate outcome for the new console. We have a strong task in trying to maximize mobile and computer traffic.

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