Making a foldable phone cheaper and thinner than Samsung’s, way to get it through the sleeve

We've been seeing anything like that for a long time. Only 24 hours after Samsung delivered its new foldable phones, Xiaomi counterattacked with the new model that is cheaper, thinner, and more attractive, the TIX Fold 2. The Samsung Galaxy's first two-and-a-half-fifth variant.

We’ve not seen it so long. Until 20 days ago, while Samsung presented its new foldable phones, Xiaomi responded to the idea of a new model slammed with the cheaper, thinner, and more attractive design: the MIX Fold 2.

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It’s a blow to a Samsung, whose reputation is not worth the price, the fact is that Xiaomi is using its flexible OLED panels is an example of the industry benchmark. However, it doesn’t matter how Xiaomi managed to grab attention with this counter-programming, and the big question is how it was done.

Has Samsung stayed on his laurels?

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 with the screen exploded.



The Galaxy Unpacked was one of the most important events of the year, though, the fact that the smartphone presented was not going to revolutionize the last generation. At first glance, these phones are identical. We cannot find the differences with the spec sheet but with looking at each other.

We have already said that the biggest news of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is in the software, and the phone itself is the most important one of the last years if the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is connected to that phone. There aren’t any news, but it gives us a little feedback about Samsung’s attitude.

After the second day, Xiaomi announced its new Xiaomi smartphone version, the new MiX Fold 2 – a bittersweet feeling, turn into disappointment. If the mobile is open up, it is equipped with the same configuration as the Galaxy Z Fold 4. With a large flexible internal screen and a regular-sized external screen. The feature is in many terms superior to Samsung’s offer.

The MIX Fold 2 is the thinnest mobile that we’ve seen so far, measuring just 5.4mm in thickness when we open and 11,2mm in diameter when we closed. This despite the fact that it uses the same Samsung Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor and is practically identical with the same battery (although Xiaomi’s rapid charge is more powerful).

It seems that on paper the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy MIX Fold 2 can face each other on equal terms, but with all of the above, Xiaomi has a very clear advantage: price. The iPhone 2 costs a hundred dollars, but the iPhone 2 costs nearly one thousand dollars. What else is happening?

Xiaomis secret

We must explain how Xiaomi managed to get a so low price for such an advanced device. It’s all right, but the first people who took the mobile know this trick, and the reactions are mixed.

The key is that Xiaomi made a large difference for the MIX Fold 2, a lighter, simpler hinge that reduces the cost. The hinge is the fundamental component of foldable phones, so Samsung knows, after controversies, such as the creases on the screen or the grime on the edges.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 device.

The free Android device offers no charges.

The MIX Fold 2s hinge isn’t bad and introduces many new solutions like drop shape, to prevent a crease from forming. But it also presents some sacrifices, like the IPX8 splash resistance that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 has, or perhaps, more importantly, the possibility of leaving the mobile half-open.

The former has Flex Mode, and allows us to let the screen adjust in a position as the upper half is put on. This is useful for the divide of the screen in two parts, each with functions. For example, leave the lower part to the keyboard and the upper part to the text we type, or the lower part for the camera, and the upper part to the monitor.

How did Minnie make the Mix Fold2 so thin? What is the secret sauce?

With the support of the flexible mode and IPX8 and a ROFL-Tuning for Galaxy Fold Gen 1 or XYP.

Fold the Universe (@folduniverse) August 11:20:22

The Xiaomi MiX Fold 2 doesn’t have any of that; the hinge only serves to close and open the device completely without compromise. This eliminates many opportunities for a folding screen and can make no sense to buy the phone.

This is not like that Samsung is charging more for the fun. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a very old saga that compiles the problem that has been encountered in the past generation and is paid for. The smallest of the two-discs is still a warning to Samsung that it should release cheaper foldables sooner rather than later.

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