Owlboys follow-up moves from birds to Vikings to their natives in their live work

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Here at Nintendo Life we're suckers of game titles so weird that you can laugh, and we think the D-Pad Studios next may just get a biscuit. Owlboy is back with the development team behind the stunning camera platformer 2018 in action. If you are ready to come back, the team will be back, back with the team.

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Here at Nintendo Life, we are suckers for games that are very weird that just laugh. And we think that D-Pad Studios upcoming release is actually capable of taking a biscuit. The development team behind 2018’s stunning pixel platformer, Owlboy, is back with this one ready? Vikings on Trampolines! Yes, you’ve read right that right, its Vikings and they’re on trampoline.

The studio shared a tweet before the end of last month about the possibility that the company will reveal its new game in this year’s Gamescom, but the trailer reveal (from IGN) suggested that the event will only be for getting your hands on a playable demo.

With the announcement of our new title, VIKINGS ON TRAMPOLINES!Watch the trailer, and let us try it at #Gamescom2022!https://www.co.uk/[email protected] D-Pad Studio, August 12, 2022.

The trailer shows that the game is as comical as you might expect from a title like this. You’ll play as team of a Vikings tasked with taking down airborne enemies all from a stretchy canvas. Think the fighting of Dreamworks How To Train your Dragon, but replace the dragons with trampolnes and you’re really there.

Attend the action on a co-op with your friends and enter a bounce brawl. The trailer promises nothing you might think. You’re not permitted to cause chaos alone in the solo game, or you can rely on 3-player-players to find one of those things so you can have the sane horned-helmet homies up to it.

The project was actually rebranded in 11 years ago (thanks to Destructoid) and fans of the previous game are eagerly excited to learn how it has gone. Check out the screenshots that appear in the movie trailer below.

Digital Cinemas.

As we hope the above images show, D-Pad continues to capture a magnificent pixel-based view of Owlboy in this upcoming release. This was a feature that became one of the driving forces behind our love for the former game and is certainly to be a big star this time.

Please remember what the studios’ current title has to offer. Look out our full review of Owlboy below:

Ignorance remains at this point. However, since there was an early update for the D-Pads for example, a time when Owlboy was successful in the eShop, it would be great to be surprised if these Vikings did not follow the same path.

We’ll get more information about this years Gamescom.

What do you mean to this new trailer for Vikings on trampolines?