Remember the PT?The island must have been a city

Hideo Kojima on twitter Just one hour ago, the fact that you'd scroll Doomsday rather than reading will mean you might feel like your heart is racing as your horror fan. No, Kojima has shared any trailers for his upcoming horror project with Xbox. She shared that PT artwork again. Again, no, no new []

Hideo Kojima on twitter About one hour ago, if you were simply scrolling Doomsday rather than reading, you might feel the pain of a horror fan. No, Kojima hasn’t shared a trailer for Xbox’s next horror movie. He only shared the sketch of this film again.

Again, no. No new PT announcements! It isn’t returned from the dead. In fact, it can’t be downloaded anywhere unless you track it or you have an ad driving ad if you don’t track it.

Not the island, but Konami. This is a throwback to the trailer for Silent Hill in 1998.

Kojima tweeted that its been eight years, it is not wrong. The last eight years since we finally reformed on a complete revival from the Best Konami series of Metal Gears. Fortunately for me, who wouldn’t stop talking about PT and the loss of Silent Hill in my life, I was reminded that I wasn’t alone.

While I just took to Twitter to ask Kojima why he should rub his salt in our wounds, although it looks like others feel the same even though he is guillermo del toro, he’s also embarking on the project, blamingly tweeting. It’s very bittersweet.

It’s sweet to see the love for this demo, that it’s never even become a full-fledged game. There was no excuse for the cancellation of Silent Hill in 2015 and the total total was that PT was still unbelievable. The above quote really illustrates this.

It took a hard time to play PT today. While not many people can even experience what PT is really about, and not everyone if a console with a demo still installed a remote one – a terrible experience, a promise to bring Silent Hill back to its real disturbing roots.

Since Kojimas tweeted again, people shared their experiences with PT. As with the hurt and the grief memes, many others vividly remember the moment they sat down to play a demo. It would be nice to see all of the fans together if you didn’t see Silent Hill on the horizon.

There always is no excuse for Hideo Kojimas second horror attempt. For who knows, maybe Silent Hill will still be involved in the revival. There are many rumors.