Review of Digimon Survive for Xbox One

Eventually, our journey to the digital world was led by the digital revolution called Axene. The novel is very addictive. At this time, we had a digital creature dealing with a device.

Digital, with new book, Digimon Survive. We’ll return to the world with a much addictive visual novel.

In 1997, Digimonone of the franchises that marked our childhood began its journey with the virtual pet tamagochi; as we knew in our region. At that time we were dealing with an digital creature through a gadget that appears to be archaic to us today.

As soon as we entered the digital world with one of the most beloved and heartbreaking anime series we can remember, Digimon Adventure (1999), I know that it was the ultimate escape of the iceberg for licensing. Often of us remember this trip with great care: the first to be resurrected after being raised again for his return after class, turning on the television and watching the daily episode of series with a nutella sandwich in his hand and then looking back at his heart.

Life passes fast, all but through time and the same age as life. If we live that magical childhood, some of us, who lived with us, would have shaved our first white hair; then they can. In a fleeting blink of an eye, there have been more than twenty years since the journey of dreaming into the digital world. We celebrate as a result of new animation material, as well as a new video game. Digimon Survive is a videogame and a new episode of the game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Once again, let alone the final one, which we were able to expect the most anticipated Digimons today, after four years of delays and a blessed pandemic, now and then one? What time of those deliveries?

Reborn of Digimon It also raised a lot of expectations. The whole community of players is unhappy with his arrival, but still awaited he eagerly. It might be because many people were waiting for a new Digimon World, or Rumble. Well, that isn’t it. The video game may not be presented or advertised as it should, but for us, what we have in hand is an outstanding SRPG novel.

This new opportune is surprising, since we believe it focuses in a niche genre. Or perhaps the content of the proposition can be unconvinced. In this way, the new opus which we will receive we rests entirely on accountthus leaving the playable section in the background.

We’ll focus on this fundamental, pilier aspect of the game: the narration. In this sense, the title presents at times a dark, mysterious and even gloomy story. We embody Takuma Momozoka with his friends: Minoru Hyuuga, Aoi Shibuya, Saki and Shuujiyoull be trapped in a world seemingly similar to yours, but obviously not, if you are more hostile than you think.

Our protagonists are involved in this situation when they’re thinking about a local temple, a concept of a beast that is related to the Kemonogami legend. This is where they meet Koromonthe the popular companion of This. When they find out that they’re actually in another world, Takuma and his friends spring camp vacation gets somewhat weird. In that, some of the most popular creatures of the Digital Planes might try to cause some bad weather for us.

As you can see, the premise follows the common plot saga, namely a series of disoriented friends who struggle with their own identity and struggle to escape the evil. Without wanting to be in the loot, the story is more aversional and confusing with some unexpected twists and problems which aren’t a bit difficult to manage. Among them are mental health, anxiety, slums, and social pressure, among others.

Weve already tried a lot to make the game special, and that is because the title isn’t for everybody. We don’t want to harm anyone, this is the contrary. We’d like to try it. That is a text novel. However, you can read such a great amount of text. Thus, if you aren’t prepared to read lines and lines for hours, you’ll certainly not enter this adventure.

Now, if reading and being part of many stories sounds good to you, hey! Digimon Survive is one of the most satisfying visual novels we’ve played recently. In fact, the game’s characters build very well and leaves the underlying elements of the adventure in the hands of the player, because according to our dialogues and their decisions, we create certain liens with our companions or Digimon.

I think he does some text, but there is also exploration, Digimon capture, and combat in this episode. These battles save distances from the tactical battle offered in Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem. This section of the title will not be the most important or elaborate, but that includes its charm and difficulty. The latter allows us to make it your choice, as it is our experience in this kind of game. In the field, there are many elements to consider, such as position, relationship between creatures, stats, power-ups, and attack distances. However, the system is quite simple to understand; that means it makes it good for players all kinds of games.

On the other hand, we found out that in the past, one can take DigimonAs if they were Pokemonand the truth is, yes, this mechanic exists. This ear looks a little different from the saga character, this is also how we can recruit Digimon, as well as recapture it. We’ll have to talk to them and convince them to join us. It’s interesting how long such an infinite mix of mechanics runs in this formula. As such, our creatures can transform, os digivolver, although there are some very specific elements that need to do so.

The game duration is 35 to 40 hours depending on the type of life we are going to be playing. In this way, when we decide or when we work together, the outcome of the negotiation will be determined by different parties. But if you don’t delay in long-term long-term activities, you can easily select more from the best branch of study. Even so, if you want to know all the details of this story, the replayability is high and attractive.

On the graphics section, it’s especially useful. In fact, cinematographic or interactive sequences support almost 70% of the product’s content. They look like they’re watching a movie. Either way, the art direction is superb and the presentation, really important, is visual and organic, thus allowing reader to read. It seems to be the result of a dull movie.

The tactical combats have a different visual aspect. Since an army style has been chosen to provide an endearing result. As for the animations, the sketch seems to be slightly dull and we didn’t 100% believe it. In general, the section is less than conformable.

Endearmentally, this sound section has a soundtrack that relates to the atmosphere and the stage. It tells the whole story of what happened on screen in extraordinary ways, exalting key moments. To be sure of the fact that people can’t do this by themselves – even though we can’t do this. Yes, ithe texts are totally localized in castellano, although they require revision by presenting a few errors in typing or adaptation.


Digimon Survive It was a surprise from all angles of view. Because it’s not only dangerous in its staging, but also because it was a good license product. The main thing is that we find a very good story, mature and addictive which hooks us when we contact. This is more than compliant, though the combat can only add one more thing. This doesn’t contribute much to the work. To anyone who likes Digimon, so don’t forget to give it a shot at this visual novel, as they don’t get a lot of memorable moments inside it.

Digimon Survive



  • From the beginning it tells a passionate story, from the end of an addictive impulse to the beginning of a mature story.
  • An incredible audiovisual section is available.

The inconvenients

  • It’s very important to get better localization of Spanish texts.
  • Final bosses are not underweight.

Table of contents.

  • We return to the digital world with its novel, Digimon Survive.
    • conclusion
  • Advantages
  • The inconvenients