Samsung has its fourth generation folding, while Apple continues to ignore this market

Is Apple planning on folding in response to the new Samsung phones? 08/11/2022 23:33 Samsung's new phones have been announced. Is this a signal for Apple to take a more serious swipe at its folding iPhone? It looks unlikely that the bitten apple will continue to see from afar.

Is Apple planning on entering the foldd market a due to the announcement of the new Samsung phones?

08/11/2022 23:33

Samsung has just announced new foldable phones. Can Apple talk about its foldable iPhone? It seems that not the bitten apple will continue to view these smartphones from afar.

The president of Samsung recently gave a little information about the foldable smartphone market, its growth, its performance and its needs.

Today, Samsung announced the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 models of its fourth generation and continue to focus on the liarity of the phone.

We also find that Apple still isn’t revealing or giving indications of interest in the Foldable iPhone, because? There are three reasons behind the lack of entry into this market.

Product quality

Samsung and other brands have waited until now to release foldable phones. However, this 100% lack of qualitysomething sets Apple apart when it is trying to seek it to make an appearance.

In the foldable smartphones that we currently have, we can find detailed information on the screens, such as a gap, poor opening, etc., that don’t convince the experts anymore. some users regret buying.


Room dividers are still an expensive investment because of their novelty. The money needed to make these phones takes longer than it is.

For example, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 costs $1,800 and the Z Flip 4 costs $1,000.


Even though the president of Samsung recently mentioned the necessity of these phones, a lot of users are frustrated with the need for them to have them, often aspire to become affordable with high-end smartphones and new technologies.

That’s how the wrinkle looks on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 screen.

In short, it seems that Apple waits for the exact moment where the technology, the resources and the market are ready for a new iPhone.

It’s inevitable to consider Aside from a variety of aspects that Apple needs to consider, such as the way the business essentially operates, the profitability and the strategies used for the manufacture of the goods, and before all, the experience and the use that it’s going to give its customers and consumers.

For the moment, what’s known about the foldable iPhone makes us think it’s a special iPhone. This really cool smartphone is a model that matches everything we know that it is.

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