SEGA reveals a more advanced game for Mega Drive 3G

SEGA announced the announcement of a new batch of games for their upcoming SEGA Mega Drive mini 2 console, which is coming in North America and Japan on October 27th. The console features games from the original Mega Drive and the Mega CD add-on. The new games released today in the upcoming minisystem are Ecco the Dolphin.

SEGA has announced the release of two models in their upcoming SEGA Mega Drive mini 2 console on October 27th. The console has games that originated in Mega Drive, and an add-on to Mega CD. The new games announced today for the upcoming mini-system include Ecco the Dolphin CD and Phantasy Star II. At the moment, no release date has been announced for Europe, so will you know if that change is the case. Here’s the latest Japan television show that shows the newly announced games.

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