The FFF is an exclusive partnership between Konami and the FFF until 2026

In a press release, the FFF announces its partnership with Konami until 2026. The Japanese publisher came to the French side with the use of video game software to get a hit. He is an important ally of eFootball. The Blues get their images by union in fact in the face of a blue society. This means that Konami acquires all of the rights of the Blues and therefore [][s] a [description] of that city.

In an announcement, the French Football Federation (FFF) announced a partnership with Konami until 2026. The Japanese publisher becomes the French player’s official videoplayer partner.

It has a strong ally in eFootball. In fact, through this union, Konami acquires the image rights of the Blues, thus the exclusiveity of the French team for its soccer simulation. In this contract, the contract cites acquisition of activation rights, the use of the status and style of the FFF in marketing cases. The World Cup begins, and this partnership will take a full meaning and will turn eFootball more popular.

Besides, e-sports is the central ingredient of this project. In fact, the FFF will also be involved in certain international sporting events. According to Francois Vasseur, this is an excellent opportunity to accelerate the growth in esports in France.

This agreement is pending in 2026. We can expect it to be covered by the World Cup, the League of Nations, the Euro 2024 and the Olympic Games in the same year. It seemed like Konami and eFootball had an excellent attack angle.

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