The former Criterion employees are racing Open World

In recent digital presentations made by THQ Nordic, three fields were explored in the English development studio, Hazardous Golf, Driving and a Dangerous Driving. An open world of custom content and racing for PC, PlayStation and Xbox at a moment in the future. Three Fields is a small studio made up of former students of Electronic Arts []

In the recent digital presentation of THQ Nordic, the English developer studio Three Fields Entertainment (Dangerous Golf, Dangerous Driving) revealed that Wreckreation has been revealed. A fully opened world of custom content for PC, PlayStation consoles and Xbox at some point in the future.

Three Fields is a small studio founded by former employees of Electronic Arts and Criterion (Burnout, Need for Speed). In addition to experience, they have a wealth of experience. This map will show a 400 square mile map. A mix of the activities used to perform well in popular games. The map depicts the fictitious american state divided into four areas with the rich forests, prairies and desert beaches.

All challenge Wreckreation Each challenge requires traveling the game world freely. Those competitions are held against the machines or humans in multiplayer, with one being the biggest target of the competition. This is a game where players are fully controlled and with the right tools they can build their own races, put up trees, decorations, ramps, jumps, etc.

There are also different kinds of cars to use, time of day, weather, and course types. When the challenges are built, they will be shared online, either with friends or by friends.

THQ Nordic claimed Wreckreation It will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

CUFO Nordic: THQ.