The Life-Size Lucario Plush is End of Available In UK

The Pokemon Center (Update 2: Thu 11th Aug 2022 20:30 A.M.) Now British folks are over! Unless you are located in the UK, you can eat your grubby mitts in Lucario from the Pokemon Center site for just 360. A bitter bargain for a 47-inch mate. (Updated []]

Image: Pokemon Center, The Pokemon Company.

Yesterday, we had a big day. If you are from the UK, get your grubby mitts in Lucario or Pokemon Center for just 360 bucks. The deal would cost 47 percent mate of Lucario.

(Updated 1:03 oct. 21th, 2021 15:15 GMT) In a welcome surprise, the incredible life-size Lucario plush will be available, in Pokémon’s official stores in the USA and Canada.

Pre-orders are now offered at $419.99, and shipping will begin in March 2022.

The original article has been published (ti 19 Nov. 20, 2021, 11 o’clock GMT): When it comes to Pokemon merch, it’s not as good as Japan. In the past we saw a huge squat-stuffed muzzle, that doubles up as a bed, a beautiful human-sized poppy for the smallest of men, that can be used to jump inside and be sad now, and now we have a life-sized Lucario that can apparently help you do the washing up. That’s just not fair.

The Lucario, which measures exactly 1.2m tall, is up for grab, at Pokemon’s official Japanese store. Since they are being ordered for a limited time, you can only send them to the Japanese address for a time of 46 200 yen (about $405 / 302). That’s not as expensive as it could have been?

In order to purchase the product, or just melt our hearts, The Pokemon Company shared the following image of how you might like to spend time with Lucario. We don’t have anything, but we can’t get it now, but I started to love him.

Images: Pokemon Center, The Pokemon Company. Image: Pokemon Center, The Pokemon Company.

Do you know anybody living in Japan? Think you can persuade them to hold onto one of these for you? We might just move away, to be honest.