The new CarPlay, Live Activity and Freeform, will come after iOS 16 launch

iOS 16, that brings our iPhone to life, has a new operating system. Some of them, with limited number, are, however, reserved for after launch. This is one of the cases where you talk to a person about life or the new collaborative work application. Five changes, which we will have to wait for, []

The new operating system that updates our iPad, iOS 16, offers some new features. Some of them, very few number-wise, are so reserved for after launch. For example, the study of a new collaboration study is the case of Live Activities, the case of the new proposal.

Five changes to which we have to wait some time more.

We expect iOS 16 to be released sometime in September, a new version of the new iPhone 14 coming out in September. By that time, 99% of the news will have arrived announced at WWDC 2022, but let’s review the list of those coming later.

  • Live activities: a function where we can use the lock screen of our mobile device to create an information database, automatically, in real time. One kind of interactive widget that displays sports results or the time left for our Uber to arrive, to give the best example.
  • Free form: collaborative application with which we can order ideas, draw, add documents, images and PDFs, and see all of the changes in real time. Since you have a full calendar, this app is good for planning projects or to communicate more with our team.
  • Become a master of games! If we like game center, we can play more games in multiplayer. Take pictures and experience.
  • A new concept for CarPlay. A design that the entire dashboard of our car depends on the iPhone, and that we can adapt on time. An update that is to be released as new hardware in vehicles and as software on the iPhone.
  • Question: A new communication standard for home automation comes soon after iOS 16. A standard with which we can use devices from other platforms from the Home application, as it is currently with those that have been compatible with HomeKit.

You can see the list at all. Some of the innovations, such as Matter, depend on the whole consortium, while CarPlay relies on the carmakers. The rest will come before the end of the year, Apple said.