The Saints Row series features a full trailer

Saints Rowis a fresh start for one of the craziest and most outlandish sagas we have on the consoles recently. It's going to be an opening of the story in Santo Ileso. A dynamic fictional city located in the heart of the American Southwest. Also, it should be noted that although this is a reboot, the [cit] is not completely real.

Saints Rowis a fresh start for one of the most outrageous and boring sagas we’ve ever had on consoles. The restart of the saga will take place in Santo Ileso. I’m the most intelligent city in the United States. Also, it’s important to note that although this is a reboot, the game will have everything that the viewers would expect from the Saints Row.

The team showed us some rough strokes with their new story. In this world full of crime and corruption fights for power, young people start their own incriminating enterprise to make a mark on success.

In addition, one of the main points of this adventure lies in the nature. Santo Ileso is the backdrop of a sandbox of thrilling shenanigans, criminal deals and spectacular missions. Like common in the story, the paths to success have a lot of fire, reckless driving and flying wingsuits.

Another consideration is the personalization program. And this is it, almost anything can change extravagantly, or with any aspiration. You should look like a leader with your city’s underworld. With all of this and more, we have a game full of opportunities that we can be prepared to sink our teeth into. Also, here we leave your presentation trailer.

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