THQ: Tomorrow’s huge showcase: This’s what awaits you!

As well as many other representatives from the industry, THQ Nordic has recently launched its own digital showcase to present exciting titles. The massive broadcast will be able to tell you here how you can be there and what you want to. The THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 pierced its image: The [] [[] of the [] of the [] State of the Far East.

Like many other industry representatives, THQ has recently also started its own digital show to present upcoming titles. The radio station will take place tomorrow night. You could tell here how you can be there and what you will be looking for.

The National Digital Showcase 2022 of the THQ is canceled. The big event starts tomorrow, August 12 at 9 o’clock. He lives in Germany, and of course you can’t live. The show will be broadcast live via Twitter and YouTube.

The broadcast concentrates on the games portfolio of THQ Nordics and will feature at least 14 titles in some way or at least. A teaser clip suggests that there will be fresh information and impressions of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake.

If there’s anything wrong with the extinction, you will perform! Two Jagged Alliance 3 and Outcast 2 are already confirmed in advance. In the rest, THQ Nordic is largely silent, apart from the fact they promise more games as a surprise. There should be another new announcement, too.

If you want to tune in tomorrow, you will have to plan around 45 minutes for the broadcast.