To the public benefit of this Apple Watch with all its features

We had great news over WhatsApp yesterday: the update will help us better manage deleted messages. Amidst the fact that many years ago the company was involved with WhatsApp and was updating its app more frequently, WhatsApp is a notoriously notorious for naiveness, yet.

Yesterday we had a good news about WhatsApp: a new update will let us manage deleted messages better. Since the company has been in recent years, and continually updates the app, WhatsApp is notorious for not giving much risk to new features like Twitter and the Internet.

Among the many requests that were addressed to the meta appis to have access to it practically anywhere, we got the version of WhatsApp Web and the version of WhatsApp for Mac (in order to be native). However, the WhatsApp version of Apple Watch is waiting for you.

We still wondered why the company didn’t start an apple watch in 2020. At that time, it was suspected that Facebook’s antitrust investigation had something to do with it.


WhatsApp for Apple Watch, a program that makes it possible for the Apple Watch user to use.

In 2017, a German developer released his own application to use whatsapp on an apple watch. Until now, and with over 60 updates Of all this year’s history, this small application is only what we have in the open and complete process. It’s as simple as downloading that QR code, so it can scan the Apple Watch app on our iPhone.

This is done entirely on the watch app itself and virtually everything can be customised from keyboard type, layout, direct access to the Answer button, text size, volume…. from the wrist.

This screen with discussion list is very similar to the one we have in the application itself, and shows us the exact names, the type of the last message, and the time for that. As of the bottom, the left side is the online indicator of our Apple Watch, which will tell us if our device is correctly connected with our iPhone (does not work with eSIM on Apple Watch alone).

You can completely control WhatsApp from our wrist so as to respond and be able to view the content with the use of it.

One can control the conversation, give you a more robust response. We can also dict, send audio messages or even write directly onto the watch with different keyboard types. Using the Apple Watch is the fastest and most useful tool.

It is easier to listen to a conversation on the Apple Watch in a way that can record audio, transcribing from the wrist, using the keyboards, the configuration itself. Even the videos are readable, the pictures can be enlarged, and start a new conversation at a great price. In the version of WhatsApp, we can use the tool for communicating with our friends.

WatchChat will unlock all its features for a price of $4,49 per year, though you can download it for free and use it for 3 days before starting to load the subscription. WatchChat is certainly the best choice for regular WhatsApp users who want more comfortable access to the app from their wrist.