Tower of the War: 5 tips for a good start to the new MMORPG!

News Tower of Fantasy: Five tips for a good start in this new spin-off MMORPG! Did you first download Tower of Fantasy on PC, Android or iOS? Don't worry, here are some tips that you can better understand the game by gaining a little help and not forget to visit [] the game.

News Tower of Fantasy: 5 tips for starting this new adventure!

Last updated on the 20th of last year’s 11:20 in Munich.

Have you just downloaded Tower of Fantasy on the PC, Android or iOS? Don’t panic, here are some tips that make you understand the game a little better and you don’t miss anything important.

Can you get started? Here are some tips and advice to help you to understand the game and start thinking about this game better. Try on the puzzle to collect the code and save and watch our Tower of Fantasy guide be written.

You can only reach a certain number of levels per day.

Don’t worry if you get less playing time than others. The Tower of Fantasy system means that at first one can earn certain levels of experience a point. As you pass a new level, you can turn to a new level every day. We’ve listed the gameplay and the level caps and also the games experience.

As a default, you can get up to level 18 as a result of the creation of a character. This means that after that reset at 5 o’clock you can rise to 24.


Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG. You have to study, especially because sometimes you only have to do that while waiting for the next day since you will not gain experience again. You are allowed to collect resources, open chess, walk around with your mount, complete dungeons can be created with every pound of information.

You can climb to a shortest stamina while using this technique.

It’s probably the most important game. If you research Tower of Fantasy, you’ll do a lot of climbing walls and other things for quite a bit of a lift. A stamina bar should be used as a wallum to protect you. And the Tower of dreams flies a lot faster. If you don’t use up stamina as you are climbing, we’ll explain to you here. And you must, too, work to improve your stamina, make sure you maintain it.

Those who play Chinese or Korean gachas know how it works, but it is important to remember these kinds of people here. There are a lot of dishes in Tower of Fantasy. The story gets better as others progress. You should be careful when walking in it, especially when a red dot appears. Because the Games release has already been celebrated, many gifts, even enough to summon multiple summons!

The best choice for your guaranteed SSR ticket!

You eventually unlock a ticket so that you can select SSR. We recommend that you invest in a character that won’t go obsolete anytime soon. However, given the rank of the Chinese version of the game, we advise that you go for the king who is good at destroying shields and Samiro which does very little damage.

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  • You’ll be able to achieve a certain number of levels per day.
  • Discover!
  • With this technique, you’ll be able to gain unlimited stamina while climbing.
  • The best choice for your guaranteed SSR ticket!