Would you like to buy a gaming laptop? The Lenovo Legion is the best deal of the day

You might have a possibility to upgrade your laptop to find a newer and stronger laptop. You could buy a new Lenovo RTX-3070 for less than that. This laptop was designed for a playable environment with 20-seat discount. Lenovo isn't that good.

It might seem you’re thinking about upgrading your laptop, but looking for a newer and more powerful one. Right now, the Lenovo Legion 5 is equipped with a powerful NVIDIA RTX-3070 for less than you could imagine. This laptop is designed to play all the games you want with 20% discount.

Although Lenovo is good-known for its consumer e-books, its line is well-known. This one is built on an Intel Core i7 processor and a powerful NVIDIA RTX 3070. This laptop was designed to read the latest version, so it’s ready for Ray Tracing.

Lenovo Legion 5 Gen 6.

This Lenovo gaming laptop has saved a lot of noise. You have a laptop on the side of your arm that can move a game smoothly, with a difficult price. Plus, you can take that anywhere because it’s lighter and easier to carry than a desktop computer.

For starters, this laptop has an IPS panel, with a 15.6″ screen with a 1080p resolution, and a 15.6-inch screen. The rest of the time of a good quality gaming laptop is required. It is a refresh rate of up to 165Hz, so we will enjoy a comfortable time when playing. Also it is useful to have an anti-reflective system with 100% UV protection.

This beast has a processor Intel Core i7-11800H, ready for any task, whether it be playing games or editing content, or streaming while we play. Does this processor have 8 cores and 16 threads in total, at a base frequency of 2,3 GHz and in Boost mode, it’s at 4 GHz?

Lenovo’s laptop has a powerful NVIDIA RTX-3070. This card is one of the most admired by the users because of its performance. This graphics card is characterized by its ability to move games at a high resolution in 1080p resolution. Moreover, it allows you to use the NIDIA Ray Tracing and the DLSS Technologies to achieve a more advanced gaming experience.

That laptop has a 32 GB DDR4 of RAM at 3200, on a separate modular computer. For storage, a 1-TB M.2 PCIe 3.0 SSD capacity. It would be great to be able to enjoy any game in fluid way.

A fully-featured gaming laptop.

Everything seen is good, it’s high-quality and will be easy to move any game. However, we’re hungry and connectivity is essential on any computer and, of course, on any laptop. The truth is, Lenovo took this into account and provided that it had the best connectivity.

The laptop uses Internet access, while the phone has 6K, and the phone has 5.1K. It also has three USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, and one USB 3.2 Gen 1 (Always On) port, so it’s very good in that sense. But it also has two Thunderbolt 1.4 ports compatible with DisplayPort 1.4 and an HDMI port2.1, thus being able to connect a variety of external screens without problems.

Finally, indicate that this laptop has 362x260x26 mm and a weight of 2,4 kilograms. It arrives without a system, so for us, the PC is free.

The price of this Lenovo Legion 5 laptop – excluding the hardware and the graphics card – is too much. No game is able to resist it even if we activate Ray Tracing and don’t activate DLSS.