A model family ending was explained: Are Dong-Ha able to leave? Would there be a Season 2?

The Model Familia tries to close the characters, but is the show really going to end here? Read on.

The Model Family takes crime fiction into the next level, with its intense plot and incredible cast, captivated fans and viewers. The ten episodes premiered on August 12 2022 with the show starring Jung Woo, Park Hee-soon, Yoon Jin-seo, Park Ji-yeon and other cast members.

This story is the story of an old family who argues with a family facing financial problems that result in many problems and a possible separation. However, the family begins working with the drug cartel and is now able to complete missions that bring them face-to-face with deadly situations.

The synopsis of Netflix’s works is: “Lenna”.


A model family ending Explained.

Last episode attempts to end the world of the characters, but it’s not all that easy as it appears. Dong-ha helps Gwang Cheol by betraying Kang-jun given an end that leaves him shocked and surprised. No doubt that naive and timid man still struggling to accept people and his struggles have kept him choking.

But that is just starting, so he finds the cops digging up his backyard in effort to find the bodies of dead people. However, the police lack any information and Dong-ha finds out that his father has already moved the bodies.

The Type of Family – It’s a great model. Park Ji-yeon as Kang Joo-hyun in the A Model Family. Cr. STUDIO: Nomada/Netflix 2021

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Next, Dong-ha re-enacts the dashcam video to find out what really happened to Han-cheol, and finds out that the two guys fight in a fight involving Myeong-su, which resulted in their deaths.

After that, Dong-ha tried to entice him to find a loose end, while letting Joo-hyun know the location of Han-cheols body that she kept from getting some help. But soon she learned that the mole in the department is none other than Jung-kook and the real reason for Han-cheols’ death. She gathers evidence against her and will shoot Jung-kook against everyone in the department.

Out of the border, Hyun-woo is unable to get a heart transplant which means that family may experience an emotional moment. Dong-ha has been thinking about his situation a long time now and wants to leave this agreement. After a lot of thinking, he’s afraid to turn himself in, but when he wants to get to the police station, he’s called.

He’s telling me to protect the phone. His family lives now depend on him, and they meet soon.

A child model family. I have to play a game in a model family. Cr. STUDIO: NARDA/Netflix 2021.

The most memorable time of any episode: Adding a goal, a massive menace and a new avatar.

After the first day of the show, Dongha started as a sane, desperate person. After that, he fell as a sane as a male. He wants to do that right by turning himself in and taking responsibility for his wrongdoings, but leaving this circle isn’t so easy.

The family has been in a long way and they have had their fair share of character development, but the marital problems of Dong-ha and Eun-ju are not resolved yet, as the problems for them have just worsened.

Instead, Dong-ha and Gwang Cheol have somehow developed an unlikely bond, which makes them help each other in the most unexpected way.

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There will be a second season?

The phone call ending the show clearly indicates that this series has just begun and the circle is ready to get on with another season. There are a lot more to come, and it’s a very obvious fact that leaving this circle isn’t an easy task. After a while, the drug courier Dong-ha has got more to be present, so the show can bring up another season.

Now, I need to wait for the official statement from the creators to confirm an upcoming season.

Don’t we wait for anything else in the world? Watch a model family onNetflix.

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