A patent reveals a temperature sensor that will be compatible with the Apple Watch Series 8

8/13/2022 08:00 On October 6, 2017, the new Apple Watch Series 8 could introduce a temperature sensor. This would be very interesting for those with a big focus on their health. That company recently received a patent for a fairly good temperature sensor for its new watch. Just that.

08/13/2022 08:00

A month ago, we echoed the fact that Apple Watch’s new series 8 can incorporate a temperature sensor, which would be very interesting as a result of the health of its users. The company recently got an excellent patent for a temperature sensor for your new watch.

The new Apple Watch has just arrived a few weeks before it will become known by its owner. At this time the screen will detect the body temperature.

Apple Watch Watch Series 8 is a big update that could be one of the biggest.

The patent discovered by MyHealthyApple was filed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and then passed to the US Patent and Trademark Office by the patent and was named the ape in electronic devices. I would say that the patent has certain meaning that it might be used on devices, but, in the illustration, the sole device shown is Apple Watchs – so it might be used as a case of the patent.

How is the patent for a temperature sensor for the new Apple Watch series 8?

Apple Watch Series 8 Temperature Sensor Patent.

To understand what the image represents, do not forget that Apple has protected the system a case. The temperature detection system is called the temperature sensor. There are two parts of that system: the temperature sensors and the differential temperature probe.

How do the Apple Watch temperature sensor work?

The operation results from an estimate of the difference between two ends of a probe. One of the two end ends is in contact with the surface measured and one of the other end is connected to a temperature sensor.

The voltage difference between the two ends results in a difference in temperature. Throughout its part, the temperature probe was configured to generate a voltage corresponding to the temperature gradient between one end of the probe and its other end. And according to the patent’s information, they should have been removed.

To give the temperature sensor an end, and to the thermometer that can be attached to a temperature sensor, to the meter, to any temperature in a controlled way, at any time, of any surface or volume to which the sensor is exposed.

The patent information is, after all, a technique, to understand the state of the subject. In general, he points out that a specific temperature sensor could be used to determine the thickness of the device (like the processor), in the same way that the sensor could accurately measure the absolute temperature of an external surface (like the skin).

In addition to its operation, Apple explicitly specifies the location on the patent, stating that it can be found in the back surface, like the back glass of a smartwatchand refers to the highly accurate and accurate absolute temperature sensor.

What is the new temperature sensor?

Obviously, we cannot put up all the news and rumors that maybe the Apple Watch Series 8 will include a temperature sensor, as we have already mentioned, something Kuo took on to echo some time ago. Even though reports indicate that the device is unlikely to give accurate measurements of body temperature for certain unforeseen events that we will be able to highlight later, it can be used to do a better health monitor.

According to Wall Street Journal and Bloombergs Mark Gurman, this new sensor will be very useful to help plan fertilityas it would give women a lot more accurate information about their ovulation cycle.

And this new application isn’t surprising if we can heed the fact that the Cupertino company has made a great impact on womens health in recent years, and it would be a good way to clarify the company’s plans.

Apple Watch Series 8 expected the availability of an advanced sleep mode.

On another side, there was also talk of better sleep tracking. Apple is changing technology with a new technology, which has been improving such a rapid blood oxygen detection operation, which has recently significantly improved the detection of sleep monitoring models, so this new technology could possibly improve it this year.

The first logical aspect of the hearing, was also the possibility that the sensor could detect when the user has a fever. However, this feature isn’t expected to arrive with the Apple Watch Series 8. And it’s believed that future Apple Watch models can determine if the user’s temperature is higher than normal, but the exact measurement seems far beyond standard.

What problems have the temperature sensors facing?

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo noted that Apple originally planned to introduce the body temperature measurement feature to the Apple Watch Watch Series 7. However, it moved on after the body temperature algorithm developed that didn’t meet the standards required to enter the Engineering Validation Testing Phase last year.

The problem is that skin temperature will change very quickly depending on the environment that the user is in, and since a smart watch has no Material needed to measure the temperature exactly, the function is completely dependent on the algorithm to make it to the algorithm.

Yes, the patent filed covers only one part of this problem; In the world, the temperature sensor is well used but yet there is still no information on an algorithm capable of delivering accurate results.

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