About Soul Hackers Additional DLC Info Restored 2:55am

The release date for the game on 28 August 2022 is now getting closer. ATLUS West has released further information on some of the downloadable content that will be available for the game from additional story arcs to alternate costumes, to alternate battle bGMs and more. The list of ADVs [] is.

On the 28 August 2022 release date for the game Soul Hackers 2 is getting closer to the end. The international publisher ATLUS West provided further information on the downloadable content that will be available for the game, from a story arc to other costumes and other alternate battle sequences. The list of DLC confirmed contains:

The Lost Numbers The bonus is based on a new Devil Summoner, Nana, and a new dungeon which will be hit with an even sexy boss.

Costume & BGM Pack Adds themed outfits for your entire party, battle BGM, and accessories from Persona 4, Persona 5, Shin Megami Tensei IV and more.

Add 8 powerful demons to Bonus Demon Pack.

Booster Item Pack Increases volume of dropped items from battles to earn in-game currency, boost stats and give EXP.

An additional Difficulty adds essential items for your journey and has a very good, easy to use game mode for ambitious players looking to win a thrilling challenge.

The Soul Hackers 2 is the expanded Megami Tensei franchise, developed by ATLUS. Those are the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version 6 of the series. Release dates may vary a little between regions.

About Soul Hackers 2

In the neonlight flash, technological advancement makes humans consume by convenience. It is a war between the Yatagarasu and the Phantom Society: In the dark, the Summoners are exploding the otherworldly powers of Demons.With the help of the secret sea of human records, the digital saga came to the form of an edification system. Observing Humankind from afar, Aion calculates a world-ending disaster is imminent and creates two new and able agents to combat it: Ringo and Figue. To make matters worse, these agents of Aion must investigate and prevent a butterfly effect which will lead to the end of the world.

Promoted Features

  • Investigate the world’s end like Ringo, a typhoon who aims to save humanity from an apocalypse.
  • Explore supernatural RPGs with stylish summoners and dark dangers lurking under the neon light of a cyberpunk Japan.
  • Empower the evils and kill the evils.
  • Strengthen the bonds with your teammates, and dive deeper into their soul, reliving their last adventures and discovering the truth about their stories and yours.